Assam SLET Result 2012- Assam State Level Eligibility Test 2012 Results, Answer Key

Assam SLET Result 2012- Assam State Level Eligibility Test 2012 Results, Answer Key:

State Level Eligibility Test commission Assam (NE Region) was conducted the Assam SLET/ SET/ TET on 9th September 2012 and Candidates those who took the Assam SLET examination 2012 can download their respective Assam SLET Results or Assam State Level Eligibility Test 2012 Result in PDF Format and you can get it from the official website
LATEST UPDATE   ( Check here) 

From the Official sources, they says that Assam SLET Results 2012 is to be released on the last week of  October 2012 and the State Eligibility Test (SET) is based on the pattern of the National Eligibility Test (CSIR/UGC-NET) conducted by UGC/CSIR. The State Governments and Union Territories, who wish to conduct the SET are supposed to obtain accreditation from UGC from time to time.

Assam SLET 2012 Result will be released from the last week of October 2012 onwards. You should enter your Application number or registration number and date of birth in order to display the Assam SLET  2012 Results. You should use the below link:


If you have any questions, contact the below address also:

N. C. Bardaloi
Member ‐ Secretary
SLET Commission, Assam (N E Region)
2nd Floor, B. K. B. Auditorium
Gauhati University Campus
Gopinath Bordoloi Nagar,
Guwahati – 781 014, Assam.
Phone: 0361-2132163

If you have any doubts, feel free to ask us.

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660 Responses to “Assam SLET Result 2012- Assam State Level Eligibility Test 2012 Results, Answer Key”

  1. mahendra tamang says:

    i m qualified in slet june 2012 with marks 60,50 & 80 and i m waiting for the final, can anyone tell me that i will be selected since i m belonging to dst candidate.


    i am scoring 52, 42 and 76 in Slet june 2012; can anybody tell me the result and belongs to OBC?

  3. joe_555 says:

    yeah, even me want to know, what they usually keep as cut off aggregate mark. i am expecting to get 66, 52 and 74 total 192. i am belonging to st category and my opted subject is physics. i am eagerly want to know whether i will clear the exam or not………so, if any body have any idea about the cut off publish here, i will be very greatfull to that person……

    • surendra rai says:

      Respected sir, I’m surendra rai from sikkim would like to ask a question to you regarding the cut off marks of slet exam-2012, I’ve to score 50,38 and 74 respectively and overall percentage is, can u tell me what happen my result. I’m select or not.

      • mahendra tamang says:

        mr. surendra sorry to remind u that the total marks in 3 papers is may be ur percentage go down, but lets hope result will be good.

  4. Pankaj kumar pandey says:

    yeah, even me want to know, what they usually keep as cut off aggregate mark. i am expecting to get 46, 46 and 106 total 198. i am belonging to gen category and my opted subject is hindi. i am eagerly want to know whether i will clear the exam or not………so, if any body have any idea about the cut off publish here, i will be very greatfull to that person……

  5. Biswanath das says:

    Respected Sir/ Madam in philosophy paper-ii ASSAM SLET at least 20 questions wrongly evaluated. Plz review the answer key and provide an updated answer key

  6. Pradip Das says:

    Department of Political Science i got 58, 64, 76 in NE Slet. I am belong to SC. plz tell me am i qualifed or not

  7. konchok dolma says:

    yesterday i have seen the andhra pradesh slet results declared with the cutoff marks of st=40%, obc 45% and general 50%.. i hope the slet ne will follow the same rule…and avoid the higher cuttoff marks…

  8. Biswanath das says:

    Thanks Sir Mithun. According to the given answer key by SLET- NE I got in paper1 68, paper-II 26, paper-III 92. But if questions would evaluate correctly i should score in paper-ii 66, paper-iii 96, though i did not check the paper-ii. Because i could not download question paper. So plz anyone tell me wheather i would be selected for SLET final result sheet, or not. And shoud we put an application in the set section of tripura university for updated answer key?

  9. Biswanath das says:

    sorry sir actually could not check paper1 due unavailability of question paper. Plz tell me where can i get this paper

  10. ronim says:

    i m frm obc n get only what would be my result, pls reply?

  11. mahendra tamang says:

    hi everybody! could u pls tell me the cut off percentage in slet for life science will remain same to other subjects or it will be different like the csir ugc net.i m really confused since i have obtained just 60,50 and 80 in assam slet and m waiting for the final result

    • joe_555 says:

      yes tamang that one i dont know…and why they have not given the result yet it is already nov.

    • joe_555 says:

      and mahendra tamang are you sure the the cut off for st/sc is going to be 55%. because mine will be only 54.857%…. i am really scared!

      • mahendra tamang says:

        yeah joe! me too having the same problem as my marks is 54.3%. according to the slet commission i learned that the cut off marks remains same to the ugc since last time i called slet guwahati regarding the same and found that even they do not want to disclose such matter and was saying that it totally depends upon the ugc and they have already sent to the ugc for the cut off marks decision.but one thing that really bother our mind is that why don’t they say in well advance that the cut off marks will be exactly like the ugc of the current year.

  12. SCB says:

    I have seen in the website of SLET as ‘The Committee will not go below the minimum cut off percentage of marks decide by UGC. However, it will have the discretion to decide a higher cut off percentage of marks for any subject(s)’ ( This time the cut off mark of SC/ST, OBC and General according to UGC are 55%, 60% and 65%. I am have got 208 marks and sad for me that i will not qualify only for 2 mark as i m OBC candidate.

    • mahendra tamang says:

      yes that’s written there, but have they told in advance that the cut off marks of ugc for various categories are always 55,60 and 65? i think no coz these marks was the marks for ugc net of this year and may fluctuates everytime isn’t it?so, my opinion is that they have to look after the no.of candidates qualified and how much marks is needed to make the final result.its not necessarily mean that we have to somehow score the said percentage otherwise they had to say in advance that one must obtain 55, 60 and 65 so that we too had written our exam accordingly. but they never have told us like that in the website,they only have said that it will not go down below ugc percentage but what exactly a ugc cut off marks is?is it written anywhere that the ugc cut off marks are so and so?

    • NDN says:

      Dear scb i have also the same problem dear its really shocking to both of us

    • bimal kalita says:

      where u see this cut off marks ? u should say true,mind it.

  13. joe_555 says:

    Can anybody tell me, there will be provision of rounding off or not. because mine is not 55 but it is 54.857. if only i can get 1 more mark it would have been 55%. but one mark is not possible. so atleast provision of rounding off should be there. so please tell me, if any of you know!

  14. momo kankhu says:

    I belongs to ST category……i got paper I – 42 , paper II – 42 and paper III – 80 according to the answer key provided by the Assam SLET commission………please anyone tell me will i be able to make it.

  15. Hello, Mahendra Tamang. Any latest news about d cutoff of set exam 2012 ??? will it b same as

    of UGC????

  16. mahendra tamang says:

    jhuma! it’s really disappointing one that different states slet aspirants they believes that the cut off percentage remains same to the latest marks of ugc i.e., the latest one are 55,60 & 65 for st/sc, obc & gen respectively. but i m not sure whether it’s gonna be true or not coz last time when i talk to the slet commision they afraid to say anything about cut off marks n says it completely depends upon the lets hope.

  17. Thanks fr d info mahendra tamang. u know all r saying dat cutoff will remain same. ugc s facing

    court cases only for dis. its just injustice dat d cutoff should b so high. only God can tell what

    will happen. Did u hear anything from ur professors or any of ur frnds what d cutoff may be???

  18. mahendra tamang says:

    whenever i have arguments with anyone regarding this,they says it will b like this only but what i don’t understand is ugc has this cut off marks from the beginning or what? b’coz i never knew ugc having this kind of cut off marks constantly all the time otherwise they could have told us in advance that a candidates after obtaining minimum marks must have 55, 60 &65 .but this is not mentioned anywhere and it is clearly written in ugc websites that marks may vary from exam to exam isn’t it?by the way what is your marks?

    • joe_555 says:

      haha, if the cut off remain same i will be fail for 1 mark i,e for 0.00142%…. it is so disturbing, it would have been better if i failed by 20% or 30%….but seriously failing by 0.0014% will be very heart break .

      • mahendra tamang says:

        but keep the faith, may god will bless coz last time after the ugc net result declaration, there was the great controversy regarding the sudden increase in cut off marks from 50 to 65, this time may be ugc learned the lesson and rectify the mistakes.all the best.

  19. ya. hope so. i m frm general category. i secured 61% bt sad dat bcz of d cutoff marks i will not

    b able 2 get through. its very depressing. wish d set commission would have understood dat.

  20. joe_555 says:

    yup lets just wait and see…..hope they will luk the matter seriously!

  21. hello joe any news abt d cutoff ???

  22. Gaya Ram Basumtary says:

    Slet commission should make category wise qualifying aggregate of all three papers same as the category wise norms at post graduate degree for lectureship i.c.. 55% for Gen./OBC & 50%for SC/ST. Then,there will be no objection from any quarter. Gaya Ram Basumtary

  23. ya absolutely right Ram Basumtary. But the problem is that they blindly follow d UGC. So no


  24. haripriya sarma says:

    slet commision should follow the cut of mark like andhroprodes gen 50%,obc45% and for st/sc 40%.otherwise it will very injustice with us

  25. Abhisek says:

    when will be the results declared?can anyone tell me. even if the results are publised when will they call for an interview?

  26. joe_555 says:

    actually slet should not keep the same cut off for every subject. ugc do that because it contains only arts subject. but csir-ugc keep it different for different subject. because they know some subject is very difficult to crack. unlike ugc slet is having science subject alos so they must keep the different cut off for different subjects. if u think i am wrong you can check last year result, there you can find there are more than who is clearing some subject but for some subject it is only one or two or three. so it is unjustice to keep same cut off for every one. you know csir keep their cut off ranging from 49% till 25%. so slet is so unjust if they keep the same cut oof for every one.

  27. joe_555 says:

    actually slet should not keep the same cut off for every subject. ugc do that because it contains only arts subject. but csir-ugc keep it different for different subject. because they know some subject is very difficult to crack. unlike ugc slet is having science subject also so they must keep the different cut off for different subjects. if u think i am wrong you can check last year slet result, there you can find there are more than 100 who is clearing some subject but for some subject it is only one or two or three. so it is unjustice to keep same cut off for every one. you know csir keep their cut off ranging from 49% till 25%. so slet is so unjust if they keep the same cut oof for every one.

  28. NDN says:

    yeah joe_555 u r absolutely r8, keeping the same cut off for every suject is nothing but injustice…..some papers may b really tough to the students n if they are combining altogether that wud nt b fair…hope they will think.

  29. NDN says:

    is there ny updates frnds??????????

    • Ashok sharma says: results will be out before 20th nov.. Nd the cut off is excatly same as UGC june 2012…. Bad luck guysssss

  30. No news till now. Anyone having any info plz update.

  31. Amitav Doley says:

    Sir I have a request that the cut off marks should be subjectwise in science stream according to the csir net.

    • joe_555 says:

      i am agree with you amitav doley, but the prob is that csir has negative mark while slet does not. so, i guess it wont fair again. but upto some point they should consider the csir idea also.

  32. hey frnds, ugc published d supplementary results. did u see ??? dey did it subjectwise. Anyone

    here from ENGLISH ??????? plz infrm.

  33. joe_555 says:

    ya i have seen….but they did not give what is the cut off…for what subject what is the cut off mark they did not give. i hope slet will follow for some subjects, that is subjectwise cut off mark.

  34. joe_555 says:

    i mean ugc did not clarify what is the cut off for different subjects. it is according with the subjectwise, or some other method, they did not give proper indication. Anyway if they do with subjectwise and if slet follow the same then it will be gud.

  35. ya, so joe what s ur subject ????

    • joe_555 says:

      jhuma….mine is physics!!!!!!!!!!! i just hope they will give result soon and give us rest. it is better to know whether we pas or fail rather than flip flop….

  36. SCB says:

    Dear all, good news. UGC decreases the cut off in the new result sheet. I have seen a roll no 74890009 who has got 52.57% mark in computer science and engineering qualified for LS.

  37. SCB says:

    Go to the site and put some roll no from the new result sheet published by UGC, you will clarify that UGC decreases the cut off mark for LS and JRF. I have put the last no of the result sheet and seen that 52.57% mark in computer science and engineering is sufficient to qualified for LS. I think it also happens to the other subjects also.

  38. krishna sahu says:

    wait everybody. i think the cut off mark will be 50% for SC/St ,55% for OBC & 60% for General Candidate. If this is true then it is better for all of us.

    • joe_555 says:

      i dont know krishna sahu whether it is like this or it will be subject wise, in case of ugc net my cousin sister gave ugc net in human society subject she is from st category and she got 54.28 still she did not clear…..

  39. ya, ugc decreased d marks. but will slet apply it ??? i m jst wrrd frnds. will it b subjectwise????

  40. plz give ur cmmnts frnds. What s d cutoff for ENGLISH ??? Anyone having any info plz update.

    • mahendra tamang says:

      by looking at the supplementary result i revealed that different cut off marks have been set for different subjects such as just by scoring only 46% in computer science, around 52% in english etc. made candidates through but the questions is, there are many candidates who even after obtaining about 64.77% is still not, does this mean that in some subjects the cut off marks didn’t changed?if so, then they r nepotism,bcoz they at least must have considered all the candidate’s grievances.

  41. NDN says:

    frnds i have checkd so many roll no.s in ugc site,there i found one candidate(roll 06630142) got only 46.29:%…..n lots of candidate got 59.43 % in commere….and so on…..hope sletne will also consider the obc’s where theey have also scored 59.43%

  42. Any info when d rsults will b declared ???

  43. NDN says:

    I cudnt undrstand d cutoff….on what basis they did so….have u ny idea?

  44. NDN says:

    hey frnds any1 from commerce??????????????

  45. joe_555 says:

    i dont know what subject he choose but the bearing roll no 23370441 got only 51.43% and he clear the LS……in ugc net this yeaR

  46. ya joe. its subjectwise. seems so. dats why probably some cleared and some not. now my ques

    s whether ugc will follow d earlier cutoff or d new supplementary cutoff ?????? Any idea ????

  47. NDN says:

    actually they are in confusn wat sud b d base of d selection ha ha

  48. ya rite. but now that the supplementary results are out with ugc decreasing the cutoff marks

    slet should obviously follow d new ones. otherwise there will b more controversy and court

    cases. If ugc can do den slet should do d same.

  49. mahendra tamang says:

    hi!everyone, some of u have posted ur new comments saying that ugc has published supplementary results but i didn’t see anywhere, is it true? i don’t think coz i tried a lot to find from the ugc website.they really decreased the cut off marks? if its so then there will be some hope.

  50. yes absolutely true mahendra tamang. ugc published d supplementary results on last mndy

    dis week. many qualified. and yes ugc decreased d cutoff marks.

  51. Raju says:

    Today i find the answer key of slet ne- 2012 where in i scored at 24 x 2=48, 31 x 2=62 and 40 x 2=80 in paper-I ,paper-ii and Paper-III respectively as the correct answer is shown in the slet answer key.If so,may i be qualified this time? please suggest me .With regards,
    Raju Debbarma.

  52. mahendra tamang says:

    yeah jhuma i found but i don’t know what was the revised cut off marks, do u have any idea? and by the way slet too follow the same one isn’t it? if it so then may be god will address our problems

  53. NDN says:

    what going on……………yar………why r dey still playng hide n seek yar wid us….

  54. joe_555 says:

    i hope, some one, who stays near by guwahati, go to the slet office and will ask when they are going to declare result…..and will upload here…..if it is like that then i will be very glad and will be greatful to that person….

  55. ya joe. u said d right thing. And Mahendra Tamang ugc did it subjectwise. so cutoff varied from

    subjects to subjects.

  56. NDN says:

    slet should follow the same thing otherwise this wud be injustice and if so, voices would be raised….

  57. ya absolutely rite. otherwise students would be up in arms against slet. dey must follow d new

    cutoff. students r keeping every track of whats happening. and if ugc can do which s a national

    level exam set obviously should follow. rite FRIENDS ??????

  58. joe_555 says:

    you are rite jhuma, if they didnt follow the ugc supplementary we should raised our voice…..

  59. NDN says:

    hey frnds all of u come forward wid watever info u hav………..

  60. ya whatever info anyone having plz give and of course protests will follow. now slet results

    should b declared according 2 d new cutoff. otherwise it will follow d lead of KERALA


  61. mahendra tamang says:

    slet is taking too much time to declare results, it is disgusting,from this time evaluation is easier which must not take such a big deal of time.

  62. Basumatary says:

    Hello…….. friends

    when the NE slet result will be declared? is any idea about it? I am very eager to khnow the result.

  63. Sariful says:

    When the slet ne result will be declrd?

  64. Ashok sharma says:

    The cut off for commerce nd management will be the highest

  65. mahendra tamang says:

    the cut off marks in supplementary result is even more confusing since in some subjects candidates got through by scoring only 46% but at the same time candidates scoring more than 60% is also not making in some subjects.i think there must not be such huge gaps in cut off marks and at the same time i found some candidates qualifying by scoring above 65% in supplementary result only, how come this? they didn’t qualified early?bcoz cut off marks for various subjects was 55, 60 n 65%.i m really confused, by the way plz post ur latest updates and lets fight for the injustice if slet do in any circumstances.

  66. mahendra tamang says:

    hi! one and all,just this afternoon i talked to the slet office guahati about the slet result and he said me that the result is ready and ugc has to respond for the declaration but they r not responding right now despite of two requests.hopefully ugc is coming to slet office tomorrow and may be by 2 or 4 days of time it will be good luck everybody and get ready for voice if they did any injustice.

  67. mahendra tamang says:

    if anyone is willing to know anything more can talk to slet office guahat at this no.0361-2673463 so that ur doubt gets clarified.

  68. Thanks fr d info Mahendra Tamang. But did u ask abt d cutoff ?? what did dey say ????

    • mahendra tamang says:

      yeah jhuma i m constantly asking them for cut off marks, but they r afraid to disclose coz they think it is secrete.

  69. NDN says:

    hav they told u that ugc is cumng 2morow Mahendra?

  70. joe_555 says:

    thanks for the info mahendra tamang, lets just see wat they will do……

  71. mahendra tamang says:

    friends, the person receiving the phone at slet office assured me that ugc is coming today 21st Nov.and they says i cannot say anything about the cut off marks bcoz the cut off marks is totally upto the ugc. That means friends ugc has to think like NET this year otherwise we have to come out in street to fight against the ugc’s nepotism.

  72. ya ya rite mahendra. God knows what happens today. will u call slet office today 2 know wht

    have dey decided abt d cutoff ???? If u get any info plzzzzzzzz post here d updates.

  73. Raju says:

    Hi! Jhuma and Mahendra Tamang , please speaks again with Slet authority today itself .Asks about the cut off marks and when likely the result will be declared ?. Waiting your positive information and response in this regard.
    With best wishes ,
    Raju ,from Tripura.

  74. mahendra tamang says:

    they r not responding,plz somebody try it

  75. joe_555 says:

    ya i had tried and they responded, i asked when the result will be they said upto 19 nov there was assembly session in ugc thats why they cud not come…when i asked about the cut off they said he is not authority so he can not say….and i told him that i am from st and i am getting 54.85% but not 55 where there is possibility . he said “54 and st that mean u will clear i guess ” again he said that he can not assured me tht i will pass because he is not from authority……i am in tensed now…..wat we will do that one will know only after result.

  76. Raju says:

    Hi! Dear Frens , This is for your kinf d information that One Tanmoy Hrishi Das with Roll No. 59300029 ,Code No;30(English) got in Paper-I,II and III at 56,46 and 54.67 %(52.57%) in Net and now he is eligible for LS as declared by Net at per supplementary result is concerned.But many of the aspirants candidates have been deprived from the eligible for LS. Will the SLET NE consider those who obtains as like Mr Tanmoy Hrishi Das in SLET for LS? Please suggest me any of you what to do if it is not happens likely? Mr Tamang you please advice me as i got more than 52.57% at per Answer key of slet is concerned .Thanks!

  77. Raju says:

    Hello Mr joe-555,I`m also ST from tripura ,U please again asks to the Slet authority whether the cut off marks is 50% for ST or not? If it is so ,ST`s who obtains at 50% or more than 50% will be eligible for LS .Thanks!

    • joe_555 says:

      actually the one who picked up the phone is not authority it seems, i dont know hether they will pick my phone or not….raju can you please call by urself to them i am giving you slet office no it is 03612673463

  78. ya raju plz call slet office now. ask dem abt d cutoff. whts ur subject ???

  79. Ask dem will d cutoff b 5% reduced or not?????

  80. plz call dem now. otherwise dey will not tell later on. 2dy s d time. ask frnds. m also trying.

  81. Raju says:

    Jhuma my subject is English.Even I obtains in NET in Paper-I,II and III at 54,50 and 40.54% =47.13% that means more than 35% ,35% and 40% as the NET declared its minimum marks for eligible for LS. Please suggest me what to do . I`ll try to speaks with the slet authority .

  82. ya raju jst call now slet office.

  83. Joe gave d phne number here. ask dem will 5% b reduced or not??? quickly call

  84. Raju says:

    Jhuma and others, Just talk with a person of slet office ,he reply me that the slet will be declared in the month of December-2012 and the committee will decides on the cut off marks.He is in position to say anything more. Everybody call in this no.03612673463 for any query .

  85. DECEMBER ????? what??? so late. wht more did he say???

  86. Did u ask abt d cutoff ???

  87. Raju says:

    “Cut off issue ” will be decided by the committee, said by the very gentlemen who replied my call .

  88. NDN says:

    wat decmbrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr???????????

  89. DJ says:

    Hi frnds,
    I wl make a call 2moro, dnt worry..
    I also feel dat the result should be relative to the subjects..

  90. ok thnx fr d info RAJU. And DJ if u make a call 2mrw plz post here d updates.

  91. mahendra tamang says:

    plz lets put our hands together on calling slet office, so that they realize how curious candidates are, and also they will feel candidates are ready to come out to the street if they do any kind of injustice in setting cut off marks. i believe they must make cut off marks reliable otherwise we have to go to the court.

  92. ya ya rite mahendra. call dem and ask if 5% or whatever will b reduced or not???? whatever

    info u get plzzzzzz post here d updates.

  93. DJ says:

    Just made a call to the commission, the result will be on d 2nd week of december onwards..

  94. Thanks DJ fr d info. Did u ask abt d cutoff ???

  95. hemanata says:

    hi guys don’t worry. what will happen good for us. though late, it’s late for ours sake. i am sure the cut off marks will remain the same.

  96. SCB says:

    Thank U all for the info. When Mahendra Tamang calls to SLET they told that result will be declared after 2-4 days, but now they say that It will be declared on the 2nd week of December. This means that SLET will follow the new subject wise cut off of UGC-NET.

  97. ya SCB seems so. GOD help us.

  98. Raju says:

    SCB, Please let me know about the new subject wise cut off marks of UGC-NET. Since I`m from english .So whether it is taking under consideration for subject wise cut off marks of UGC-NET.

  99. SCB says:

    I hear from one of my friend who qualify NET-JRF in UGC NET in the supplementary result that In the supplementary result UGC prepared subject wise cut off for each subject based on the no of candidate which qualify the minimum criteria, difficulty level of question paper and some other factor. So in the supplementary result it is seen that in some subject only 46% mark is sufficient for LS but in some subject more than 65% mark is not sufficient only for LS. I think SLET also follow this type of cut off, so they takes more time to declare the result.

  100. Nibedita Banik says:

    Can anyone please tell me that when will the Slet ne result be declared. It already november and the results were supposed to be out by last week of october.

  101. Raju says:

    I`m so unlucky one . I obtained aggregate marks 47.13% in NET together in Parer-I,II and III at 54,50 and 40.54% in Engilish. Though i qualified at per the qualify marks set by UGC-NET-2012 as ST category . For ST category is requires in paper -I,II and III is at 35%,35% and 40% respectively where i got more than above set of marks by UGC-NET for qualifying for LS. I`m a victim of in justice. In Slet there is any possibility for me for qualify if i got in aggregate 53% or 54 % according to answer key of Slet is concerned ? Please tell me any one else.

  102. NDN says:

    frns 2day i calld bt dint get ny positive response………he simply told that nothng can b said write now….

  103. NDN says:

    frns 2day i calld bt dint get ny positive response……..he simply told that nothng can b said right now…….

  104. Raju says:

    Hi Frens, Be ready for filing of a court case against the SLET provided 50% is not taking into consider as eligible for ST by the SLET for LS.

  105. NDN says:

    frns if ny updates available plzzzzzzzzzzzz post here

    • hemanta says:

      hi MDN tell me about your aggregate marks as per answer keys and also mention subject

      • NDN says:

        m scorng 59.43% n frm commerce n wat abt u Hemanta…

        • hemanta says:

          u have a hope. because there is a chance of increasing numbers. i saw it happened in NET also. answer keys are always found wrong. i myself got 62% in NET June-12 as per answer key, but it increased when result declared and i obtain 67%. this time in SLET i obtain almost 63% (philosophy) and i m obc category.

          • NDN says:

            means u hav cleard NET n gonna clear SLET also!!!!!!!!! congrats dear…………….n m also 4m obc…..

  106. s. keyal says:

    I think there is no meaning of slet exam if only one or two candidates cross the cut off marks. Acccording to me the authority should select a number of students from merit list of each subject. Same cut off marks for all subjects seems injustice in part of the students.

  107. Nibedita Banik says:

    Dear friend, 2day I called SLET office and asked them about the date of declaration of results. The person said that the results are ready, but the UGC people who were supposed come did not come. So, maybe the UGC people are not interested in the declaration of results.

  108. Rinu Prabha says:

    2dy I meet member-secretary, N.C. Bardaloi sir and asked abt d SLET result… he told that after 19th December only result will be declared…UGC member will come just after 19th December…most probably dey are bzy since parliamentary session is going on, which is supposed to end on 19th December only…abt d cut off marks he told that probability is there for becoming 50, 55 & 60% according to SC, OBC and General respectively….since last time NET follwed these…

  109. Rinu Prabha says:

    only God and UGC knows abt d result ……hope dey r wid us…

  110. mahendra tamang says:

    hemanta! which cut off marks u mean will remain same? is 55%, 60% and 65% or supplementary cut off?

  111. DJ says:

    Some problms r going on insise d UGC, d cncrnd prsn told me..!!! So, 4get abt d result & prepare 4 d coming exm..!! Uttarakhand SLET result is also being hanged for arnd 4 mnths now.. Both UGC & ‘neslet’ are very uncertain, so nothing is there in our cup of tea….

  112. ya DJ u said d rite thing. DEC XM s very near. So its better 2 prepare fr it. And ya prblms will go

    on na ???? aftrall COURT CASES. Students frm different states have filed cases against UGC.

  113. NDN says:

    we sud have a look on how many candidates hav scored as 65,60 n 55 from our frns circle,so that we can guess whether the cutoff will come down or not!if dey dnt get candidates as per the above criteria then obviously they will reduce da cutoff……so every1 post ur n ur frns marks if possible, so that sumthng can b guessssssssssssde…………..m i rite frns?

  114. DJ says:

    Just now I again called the commission, i just wanted to tally their sentences what they told me ystrday… “2nd week of December” has now shifted to the “last week of December”…… I think i hav committed a big mistake by not continuing my study since the day when the answer keys were out…

  115. DJ says:

    Dnt worry Jhuma, the problms inside UGC wl defintly fly away, itz d the matter of time only… Just wait for the high voltage drama…

  116. DJ says:

    NDN, i do appreciate ur thought over the cut-off criteria, but it doesn’t seem so possible yaar, atleast from my side..

    • NDN says:

      no dear m nt talkng to tally all d candidates,its wud never b possibl 4 us……bt atleast we can try a little bit….for our self satisfaction yar….

  117. hemanta says:

    frns! there is a free advice for u all. don’t worry abt result, bcz its not our hand. come what may! lets read hard for next exam without wasting time.

  118. kms says:

    i dailed yesterday they told that they cant say anything,jst waiting for the u.g.c to decide the cutt off marks..friends mi gave economics as slet and i got 64,70 and 100 in 1st,2nd and 3rd paper,my percent is will i qualify for slet..

  119. kms says:

    but i am from general caste

  120. kms says:

    it is really sad for the people of north east..that even after sitting for slet..the result is lately announced ..if some of us gets slet and any advertisement for lecturer takes place within this days..then we cant apply..really feel sad..

  121. mamun says:

    it is very shameful for the administrators of nort east that the result is not yet published even after five months. last year, three or four candidates qualified SLET in physics.I astonish, what it shows, is there any politics or students of north east are so bad or universities of north east are bad that only few genuine students are produced? What the exam organisers want to prove? i hope such will not happen this year!!!!

  122. kms says:

    why all guys r silent any update abr slet friends…

  123. Siraj,Nagaon says:

    Hye! I also joining with you all , I secured i,ii,iii, 54,56,106 ( total=216 Aggrt % is 60%) I belong to general category Plz Reply me possibility to pass slet and also tell me the result date

  124. NDN says:

    yah wat happn wake up yar

  125. tumpa says:

    Hi! everyone. Is there is any news about SLET waiting for such a long but dont know they will declear or not.

  126. kms says:

    any idea what will b d cut off marks…will it b common or subject specific..

  127. mahendra tamang says:

    frens do u have any idea about where we can file a petition in court if slet fail to follow the norms of ugc’s latest cut off marks?

    • NDN says:

      bt dear i cudnt undrstnd d last cutoff of ugc properly….they hav nt yet publshd da base of selection………….if ny1 hv ny proper idea pls update

  128. AJAY D says:

    tun tun toi u aaili

  129. mahendra tamang says:

    man i mean subject wise cut off of supplementary result,

  130. hemanta says:

    the suplimentry result is a correction. the cut off marks are same as ugc mention. and whats more, slet is compltly dependent on ugc. so cut off marks will also depend on ugc.

  131. s. n. says:

    i have seen the supplementary result sheet of ugc. in one hand for many subjects aggregate 220 marks in general category is cut off marks on the other hand there is no any change in cut off marks i.e. 228 marks for rest subjects . accordingly the cut off marks are taken in consideration for obc/sc/st. any how , my dear friends, due to wrong,idiotic,illogical and whimsical decision taken by ugc we are suffering a lot. when paper -i is common to all then why this type of injustice ? ugc is playing a nasty game with the future of us.

  132. joe_555 says:

    when is the result any idea friends?????????????

  133. A.C.DEKA says:

    SLET NE RESULT/2012, MAY CLEAR ON/BEFORE 30-12-2012;


  134. Constantine says:

    result will be declared after 19th of december

  135. shyamal das says:

    Hi, frnds, i talked with SLET commission they dont know what will b the Qualifying criteria. its depends on UGC members who will come after 19th DEC and will decide the same. so wait, result may b published last week of DEC or First week of Jan 2013.

    Plz any body tell me do 56.57% is sufficient for Qualifying SLET? i m Belongs to SC category.

  136. hemanta says:

    frnds! there is a latest news 4 u. one of my coligue talk with the slet com. member Dr. A. C. He told that result depends on ugc member who suposed to come after 19 Dcmbr. and also told that the cut off marks will remain the same as ugc determined in net june12. so result will b automatically late due to processing of it

  137. constantine says:

    so cut off will be 55(st,sc),60(obc),65(gen)

  138. hey frnds, jst now saw n facebook dat kerala students won d case against ugc today. court

    gave verdict 2 pass minimum criteria. but m nt sure if its true or not. whatever may be hope slet

    2 follows d same. plz anyone confirm if its true.

  139. kabita subba says:

    hi frens, wen shall the result declare? will it touch january?

  140. Ashok sharma says:

    Good news!!! Hey frndzzz… Dats right.. Kerela high court judgement comes against UGC.. Stdnts won… Now we all sud presurrise To keep the same minimum criteria… Thank God

  141. Ashok sharma says:

    The judgement came today afternoon… We sud immediately file an anticipatory petiton on,,,, to keep the minimum passing criteria of 40%;;40%;; nd 50%.. Go ahead guyzzz

  142. Ashok sharma says:

    Kerela High Court gives decision in favour of students……We sud file a case against UGC nd also slet ,,, so dat slet also do not go beyond its limits…

  143. ya dats true. kerala students wonnnnnnnnnn. frnds be ready for slet north east. now ugc

    have to abide. frnds be ready.

  144. frnds plz respond. ugc lost d case on monday. verdict n favour of d stdnts. call slet commission

    and ask dem 2 abide by d minimum criteria. bcz noo one s above d law. all proved now. plzzzzz

    everyone call.

  145. hi everyone. plzzzzzz call slet commission. i just called now. dey don’t know even d news of

    d verdict. strange people. just call dem and make sure dat like d rest of all india stdnts we too

    should not be deprived. call dem and say abt d verdict and to follow d same. where r u all ??? if

    u all still don’t do anything den it will b a great loss for everyone here.

  146. kms says:

    kerela hight court have gave d verdict in favour of student,bt supreme court verdict is still to go,which u.g.c will follow,so dnt b to excited bcoz u.g.c cant manupulate taking kerela court verdict bcoz then it also have to manupulate u.g.c net result..dats all..

  147. NDN says:

    wats going on yarrrrrrrrrrr??????????

  148. RAJ says:


  149. Raju says:

    Hi! Frens.Tomorrow I along with 3/4 others are going to file case against the illegal result-2012 of UGC net in Guhwahati High court Bench at Agartala.Thanks!

  150. Raju, kerala High Court gave d decision n favour of d stdnts. I think no need 2 do dat. Bt

    anyways its ur personal decision. Now we just need 2 make sure dat slet 2 follow d same. If Ugc

    publish result again according 2 Kerala High Court just make sure dat slet also follow d lead.

  151. Ashok sharma says:

    Guyzzzzz,, we sud approach slet commission personally or call dem… To make dem aware dat if dey keep the cut off beyond minimum criteria dan we r ready to file case on dem….,,make dem fear of us.. Go ahead… Nd moreovr we can file a petition in high court to force to abide by kerela high court judgement….

  152. ya absolutely right Ashok. just call dem and make dem aware. otherwise it will b injustice 2 all of

    us. just fight against wrong or any kind of injustice. if kerala crt can give d verdict why should

    we b deprived ?????. whatever we have 2 do its before result otherwise aftr dat no use.

  153. Ashok sharma says:

    Dats rite…. But the problem is dat the person recving call at slet office r lower level officials… Nd dey dnt have any idea abt the kerela court decision or else… Sooo we have to approach the high officials of slet commssim.. If anyone from ghty guyzzzz… Plz kindly visit the slet commsion office at ghty university campus nd inform dem…

  154. Ashok sharma says:

    Watzzz waitngg ghty guyzzzz… Plzzz vidit guwhti unvrsty slet office nd put the matter infrnt of high officials… Bcj once the result declrd… Dan it will be too difficult to fight.. Nail dem before declrng result…. Go ahead ghty based guyzzzz.. Plzzzz plzzz

  155. ya plzzzz everybody come forward. plzzzz fight like d kerala students.

  156. Sariful says:

    We sud form a group n file a case in gauhati high court against ugc like kerala student very soon. I m ready . R u?

  157. No need to file case against ugc now as kerala High Court gave verdict n favour of stdnts. Now

    wht ugc does it remains to b seen. But as North east students we should do our little bit as we

    can. So just call them and make dem aware dat we know everything abt d recent verdict and all

    dats happening so dat slet can’t do any kind of injustice. So just call dem and if personally

    anyone meets dem all d more better. so plzzz don’t lose dis precious time before d result.

    just go on fightinggggggggg.

  158. Sariful says:

    One of my frnd told me dat only d petitioner will b benifited frm d kerala hc verdict.

  159. HARY says:

    i wan 2 kno any qualified in english.

  160. no its not clear till now. if it s only for petitioners too stdnts will file crt cases and dey too will get

    d benefit of d crt verdict. now whether its fr petitioners or not d main thing s dat crt verdict

    s fr minimum criteria. so d main point s dat slet should 2 abide by d same.

  161. DJ says:

    Dnt b too excited, all it depends on the Supreme Court.. Do remember the UGC notification, the minimum eligibility criteria is not the final criteria to qualify NET/SLET. The stiring committee has a role to play regarding the final cut-off & it is as per the notification.. No doubt abt it dat the cut off should b diffrnt for diffrnt subjects but u can’t simply deny the role of the stiring committee… UGC has also the heavy logic with them to win the case… U people dnt think dat i hav scored more than 65% and so i am telling such unwanted sentences, rather i am telling the practical truth from my side……… Ask yourself with a realistic mind, whether 40%, 40% & 50% is enough to qualify the SLET exam where there is NO negative marks, i dnt think so, just compare it with CSIR NET….

    • Biswanath Das says:

      Dj i think u r right. But why ugc not issuing e certificate for qualified students till now ?

    • A.S. says:

      Mr. DJ
      What the hell are you speaking, if you think that 40%, 40% and 50% is less to pass NET/SLET then why the educated and esteemed UGC committee had fixed this. It is not a bull shit game that suddenly changing the cut-off mark from 45% to 65%. By the way you have to see the judgement of Kerala high court that suddenly changing cut-off mark at the time of declaration of result is against the Artical – 14, you are no body to say that 40%, 40% and 50% is less to pass NET/SLET for other then CSIR NET. Its ok that they had increased the cut-off mark, but it does not mean that too high i.e. 65% Passing NET/SLET does not mean that they are giving us job, it is simply a certificate of passing written exam still we need to pass viva, so what ever the UGC people did is absolutely unimaginable and horrible that even after getting 60% mark result is declared fail and again declaration of supplementary result, what the hell UGC is doing. We even don,t know what is the fixed cut-off mark to pass NET/SLET exam. we have to fight against this and guys don’t give up we have to fight for justice. so please i request the student of Guwahati area to go to the SLET office and talk to the personnel’s of SLET commission about the result and those who are going to sue the UGC for the same we are ready to fight/support you to our fullest extent.

    • A.K. says:

      Mr. DJ sir,
      Thanks for your view and support for UGC, but what ever you are speaking is bull shit, if you think that 40%, 40% and 50% is less to pass NET/SLET then why the educated and esteemed UGC committee had fixed this. It is not a bull shit game that suddenly changing the cut-off mark from 45% to 65%. By the way you have to see the judgement of Kerala high court that suddenly changing cut-off mark at the time of declaration of result is against the Artical – 14, you are no body to say that 40%, 40% and 50% is less to pass NET/SLET for other then CSIR NET. Its ok that they had increased the cut-off mark, but it does not mean that too high i.e. 65% Passing NET/SLET does not mean that they are giving us job, it is simply a certificate of passing written exam still we need to pass viva, so what ever the UGC people did is absolutely unimaginable and horrible that even after getting 60% mark result is declared fail and again declaration of supplementary result, what the hell UGC is doing. We even don,t know what is the fixed cut-off mark to pass NET/SLET exam. we have to fight against this and guys don’t give up we have to fight for justice. so please i request the student of Guwahati area to go to the SLET office and talk to the personnel’s of SLET commission about the result and those who are going to sue the UGC for the same we are ready to fight/support you to our fullest extent.

    • s.n. says:

      dear dj.
      we are living in a democratic country. whatever decision is taken by ugc regarding the result of net is totally idiotic and whimsical . how you shall justify that qualifying marks should be 65% without prior notification in a civilised society. moreover, ugc is not giving any employment to the successful candidate. it is just like a qualification and minimum pass marks are as mentioned in jun12 notification. kerala high court already has given his verdict regarding this. now the important thing is that slet commission should consider all these facts before publishing the result otherwise many student will suffer from injustice . in that case students may go to court also.

  162. Raju says:

    Hi! Mr,DJ,
    You do please revisit to the notification of the June UGC net exam -2012.and there is clearly mentioned that the examinees need to obtains the minimum criteria of marks in Paper-I,II and III at 35%,35%% and 40% respectively for ST/SC and PWD candidate. Here,my query is this ,why the UGC did not mention in its notification for June net exam-2012 that examinees need to obtained at least 55% ,65% etc for Gen, OBC, and ST/SC category candidates. So, I feels that the UGC made injustice.Lets fight against such injustice.Thanks!

  163. kj says:

    no need to go to court. if anybody has the calibre he/she will qualify

  164. kj says:

    if we go to court too much time will be required to come out the result..

  165. kj says:

    slet has already mention that the minimum qualifying mark is not the final criteria…along with that they have given the correct answers and question they cant cheat us..

  166. kj says:

    decision taken by the steering comitee will be full and final…so

  167. Biswanath says:

    Dj u r telling the truth. I agree with u. But a hc verdict not a matter of joke. I think ugc made some mistake. If incase suprm court also goes against ugc thn wht will b the situation! just unimmaginable. are there any chances of canceling that june exam?

  168. Biswanath says:

    dj im agree with u. Bcz u r thinking practically. But a hc verdict also not a matter of joke.

  169. Biswanath says:

    Dj u r right

  170. Biswanath das says:

    dj u r right

  171. Sariful says:

    Is there any news abt sletne result? Wt hpn abt ugc official visit to slet .

  172. Yes,any news 4m any1 says:

    Yes…anynews abt dis ?

  173. will dere b a final answer key or not ??? bcz dere r some ans wrong. now if slet does not

    crrct dem den its absolutely wrong. other set results were declared on d basis of final

    updated answer keys.

  174. DJ says:

    I’m nt in a mood to make debate with u, but i wl say thousand times dat 40, 40 & 50% should never b enough for NET/SLET where there is no negative marks… I dnt believe on d verdict of Kerala HC, if all the verdicts of our HCs were correct & logical, there would hav been so much peace in our nation.. I dnt have faith on those persons wearing black coats, they often nullify the truth & establish a false…!!!!! Take the paper I or II for instance, if u know only 10 answers & fill up the OMR sheets for d other 40 answers by making minimum guess, there is a chance dat u wl qualify, but i dnt want such evaluation….!! If i can’t obtain the final cut-off (as fixed by UGC), i wl try in d next attempts, if i fail again & again, i wl b happy by opening an hardware shop.. BUT, i dnt want a situation where there wl be 500 candidates for a single post of Astt. Prof… I dnt need a NET/SLET pass cetificate to face such a horrible situation…!!! This is my own exclusive thinking, but If u want such a situation, then go to the court for fighting against UGC, Good Luck…

  175. DJ says:

    I talked with d high official of SLET commission very recently. As per his kind statement, the UGC person wanted to come on 20.12.12 but our VC sir didn’t have time on dat day due to some important selection committee meeting. So, the SLET commission asked d UGC person to come on 21.12.12 but this time the UGC person denied to come and told that he wl b able to come in January only….. So frns, dnt expect “result” before the 3rd/last week of January….

  176. kms says:

    the fact is not that what will be cut off marks,bt the fact is about the way both,ug.c n slet commission are taking time in announcing d result..its too much,i dont know my other friend are able to digest the time they are taking…whether we will be selected or rejected bt playing with us is not good,it is high time to form an union and charge them for taking long time,are we..class 1 student or what whtever they wish they willl do…wake up and think little deeply…and so far D.J is saying i i dont agree that will open the hardware shop,not all are rich like u to have such capital to open shop,even some of candidates find to difficult to collect fee for slet exam…so to all my friend make them aware that what the hell they are doing…

  177. hey frnds don’t argue. stand n unity. its dat no kind of injustice should b done. dats d main

    point. now d result all will b declared by d authorities not us. so just ensure dat no one faces

    any kind of injustice. if net certificates r given on d basis of minimum criteria or low cutoff den

    why d same can’t b granted to set stdnts ??? Aftrall why dere shld b injustice or anything of dat

    sort ? DJ u r saying rite. Bt think also n a logical way. other frnds r also saying d truth.

  178. Sariful says:

    Is it clear or not that all who get minimum marks will get pass certificate of june net.

  179. Ashok sharma says:

    I M of a view dat Supreme Court sud interfere nd it sud fix the minimum criteria cut off marks dependng upon the seats vacancy, level of paper, nd number Of candidtes appeared.,,, if Suprme Court fix the minimum cut off for Net nd Slet… I think no one has problem… Soooo we can file petition in Supreme Court for dat

  180. Ashok sharma says:

    Nd on the point of no.. Of candidates …. I can say,, it does not matter even if dere is 5000 stdnts for a post… The best will get the job… Aftrall competitn is evrywhere… In all Govt. Jobs… In police, court, labour deptt, tas deptt, PWD deptt..

  181. Ashok sharma says:

    In 10 th standard pass mark is 30… If aftr declrng result if the pass marks are made 50… Dan isnt it injustice… Dats wat m talking abt…

  182. hemanta says:

    frnds! I thing we r unnecessary debating. The matter of filing a case will come after happening illegal. So my point is that if slet announced result with ample of error or mistakes, then we can go to court.
    And if we win, slet will compelled to publish a suplimentary result like net. I also want to say something about the cutoff marks. If the cutoff marks comes down as minimum qualification criteria, then NET will become “NOTHING ELIGIBLE TEST”. So b practical and try to understand that it is a competitive Exam, not a exam of school level or college level that u will pass by obtaining 35% (sc, st, ph, obc) n 40% (gen).

  183. hemanta says:

    So DJ is correct

  184. shiva says:

    Thanks hemanta,but i need it very badly.oh nothing to be done…

  185. Ashok sharma says:

    Dats wat m saying,,, bt sudden increase from 45 to 65 p.c. Cant be digestrd….,, so supreme court sud interfre nd reduce it to reasonable level… Smewat around 55 p.c.,,,,, 10 p.c. Is acceptable… Bt 20 p.c. Increase Is not at all accptble…

  186. frnds wake up. SUPREME COURT gave verdict to ugc candidates. old cutoffs will be

    considered and new results will b published. call now slet commission. call frnds.

  187. see d article s n the times of india. wake upppppppppppppp

  188. its true. frnds call set

  189. where r all of u ???? see SC verdict

  190. Sariful says:

    It is gud nws 4 us. Any nws abt declaration of new result by ugc.? Rply.

  191. till now ugc has not declared. bcz d crt order was declared on friday and all came to know

    today only. now obviously ugc will publish as now dere s no escape. now d highest crt verdict

    came. now we should do all to ensure set commission too follows dat. now all should be up in

    arms against set. whether set will maintain a higher cutoff or not or standard s important dats

    not d main thing. d real matter s dat SC gave d verdict. den why not set too ??? here only

    discussing will not do. just call set and tell dem dat we know abt everything so dat no kind of

    injustice s done.

  192. Sariful says:

    Thans 4 ur reply

  193. spread dis news to ur frnds. tell dem to call set. by d way did u call dem ???? any info ?

  194. shiva says:

    slet is bound to follow the ugc which has already concented to revert to previous cut off.still to be safe,we should move the court.ugc chairman is on visit to rangia college today.wayback he will sit with slet for deciding cut off and remember,there is not much time in hand.let’s get ready for battle.

  195. DJ says:

    The notification regarding SC verdict is published in Pune edition of TOI & itz as per facebook only…. We have to wait for itz formal declaration in UGC’s official website, that wl b more authentic…. Till now, nothing is there in UGC’s website…. So, let’s wait frns…!!

  196. Ashok sharma says:

    The news is correct guyzzzz…,, nd tomrow morngg we sud keep calling slet abt the verdict….,,, now slet cant go beyond dat limit of minimum criteria of marks

  197. s.n. says:

    Of course, the news is correct but for slet result it is clearly mentioned that the Steering Committee will decide the cut-off marks in each subject for declaring the result. The Committee will not go below the minimum cut off percentage of marks decide by UGC. However, it will have the discretion to decide a higher cut off percentage of marks for any subject(s). So, my dear friends , let us see what will be higher cut off percentage of marks ?

  198. Ashok sharma says:

    I got 64% aggregte in slet in genral categry of commerce..,, i hope to clear it

  199. susmita says:

    result is 2 late.

  200. ya ashok and all lets hope fr d best. but still once result s out it will b hard to fight. of course

    if crt case happens den stdnts will win all d more easily unlike d kerala students who had to

    fight it hard to get justice. but still its better to remain alert. all of u call set cmmssn and ask

    dem abt d verdict. ya d SC verdict s published n TOI PUNE bt today many called to confirm

    abt d news n TOI office and dey said dat d news s authentic. aftrall SC order cannot b

    published like dat and dat too n a leading newspaper. So we shld give all our efforts as best

    as we can.

  201. ya SHIVA u r right. did u call slet cmmssn today ??? plzzz call dem and make dem aware

    abt d verdict. say dat we knw everything. dey shld b cautious

  202. DJ says:

    Hi Shiva, u hv posted good inputs yaar, please post any more possible inputs regarding the further movement of the UGC person from Rangiya College onwards….

  203. DJ says:

    My dear friends,
    The news regarding the SC verdict is 100% fake, please don’t spread false rumor becoz many of us are going to attempt the coming NET exam… Moreover, please don’t disturb SLET commission by making this reference, itz really false my friends!!!…I know that u won’t believe me, so download the calender of supreme court of india from itz official site, itz very clear that the SC has itz holiday from 17th Dec 2012 to 01st Jan 2013…. So, can the verdict possible…??? So, instead of calling SLET commission, try to confirm my post from the SC official calender & make ur mind free from such dangerous rumours, THANKS!!!!

  204. Sariful says:

    Till now it is not clear that TOI news is fake. Wait frnds, don’t argue must.

  205. shiva says:

    Mr DJ, please see the The Times Of India item dtd.24 Dec with the heading SC RELIEF TO NET CANDIDATES.Calender issue is true.Do u think Times-ITEM is fake?

  206. Sariful says:

    Mr shiva, u r right. No one can say that TOI gives fake news.

  207. DJ says:

    Dear Shiva, i already have that TOI page no. 3 in my cellphone, i can mail u the same…. From dat point of view, itz okay… But, what about the Supreme Court calender, is it fake? Since, the SC is closed w.e.f 16/12/12 to 01/01/13, do u think dat the SC chief has made d decision on Friday (21.12.12) by sitting in his own residence??? Just think logically yaar, don’t b carried away with such rumors…… Just think, Which is more authentic, TOI Pune edition or the SC official calender? Decide urself.. I can mail u the Calender also OR u do better download it..

  208. ya d news s nt clear. bt many cld TOI office and dey said dat its authentic. And DJ ur viewpoint

    may b right. bt wht abt d rest of d students frm all over india who called yesterday TOI OFFICE

    and cnfrmd d news abt d same. so here dnt argue bt lets see wht actually hppns. If UGC really

    publishes den slet too dats all. And d news was also cnfrmd by PUNE university official. so think

    logically. And not only you bt we all have to sit fr d cmng xm. bt also we should remain clear

    abt d latest updates dats going on. if its a rumour also den also time will say. ok ?

  209. And here whatever SHIVA, ASHOK SHARMA, SARIFUL r saying its absolutely true.

  210. And how can a SC VERDICT be fake ???? and dat too in a leading newspaper like TOI. is it a

    kind of joke dat anything can be published like dat and dat too a SC VERDICT ????

    Do d reporters don’t have any fear of being sacked ???? Or of STUDENT’S WRATH or

    something like dat ?????

  211. Ashok sharma says:

    Sometimes sme predetermined pending decisons are later on executed by the court.. Dat may be the case….. So we cant refuse the TOI news at once.. Lets hope dat evrythng will be cleared before thrsday,, bcj tday court is closed…. So may be any1 official or seniour advocate will clear the confusion tomrow or next day…. Nd dnt think TOI can do false…. Bcj TOI is one of the leading newspaper of India..,,, TOI knws the consequences of false news… Big defamation case can be filed… Sooo lets hope for the positive… Nd in the mean time,, concentrate on 30 dec NET exm..

  212. Ashok sharma says:

    Latest news guyzzzz,,,,,,, the supreme court order clearification:::::::… Actually wen kerela high court gave the decision in favour of stdnts… And it was not clear dat it applies nly to the petetioners or all the net stdnts… Sooooo supreme court friday gave this order dat it applies to all the NET students all over India..

  213. A.K. says:

    are you sure Ashok ? if it so then it a very good news.

  214. Sariful says:

    From where u got the news Ashok ? Thanks 4 updating.

  215. shiva says:

    Mr Ashok sharma,plz. make it more clear whether the judgement was really passed by the SC or it is a mere cock and bull story.Wherefrom did u get the update?Is it a reliable source?Kindly post fresh updates.Those who feel comfortable with the increased cut off have obvious reasons to do so.HATS OFF.

  216. Ashok sharma says:

    Frndzzz i got the news from intrnet,, a site,, which already published the SC verdict news…,, now the site is clearfyng dat the SC ha just held that the Kerela court dicision is applicable to all the stdnts,, nd not only for the petitioners…,, nd being an advocate i can say dat,, suprme court cant give soo fast judgment.. Nd dat also wen it is not yet reffered to do so… ….. So as far as m concerned this is the clearificatn..

  217. Ashok sharma says:

    But the technical problm is dat,, this is not the decision of suprme court,,, it is the decisn of Kerela high court..,, now UGC may nd it will appeal to supreme court.. Nd then the SC decision will be final…,,,

  218. Ashok sharma says:

    Latest frndzzzz,, the supreme court has made the kerela court decision applicable to all stdnts ,,,, by referring ‘Article32′ of Indian Constitution…. Nd the rights coferred under Artcle 32 cannot be removd or suspended,,,bt nly through interfrnce of costituion nly….. Its gud newsssss… Ugc is totlly on backfoot… Nd now slet also cannot dare do any injustice to stdnts

  219. ya Ashok u r absolutely right. KERALA HC has termed UGC’s DECISION AS ILLEGAL. and SC

    decision applicable to ALL its already mentioned n dat TOI NEWS. So its a very bigggggg

    news. we must ensure dat d same s applicable n set exam too.

  220. DJ says:

    Let’s see what happens….

  221. The Man says:

    This site all are just wasting your valuable time in asking stupid though golden question. You won’t get no satisfatory reply…until the official SLTENE declares the result itself..

  222. shiva says:

    We all are eagerly waiting for new turn of events.Has anybody any fresh updates?Please post the same.

  223. Sariful says:

    We r waiting for fresh updates.

  224. DJ says:

    The result of Uttarakhand SET has been declared a few days ago…. The cut-off marks r subject-wise…. For GEN candidates, itz maximum in Sanskrit (67.43%)and minimum in Maths (50.29%)…..

  225. ya uttarakhand set results declared on 20th dec. bt d SC verdict came d day after. So we have

    to wait and see.

  226. kj says:

    plz file case asking why is it taking so much time to declare result?

  227. NDN says:

    but 1 thing is clear that d results will b subject-wise!!!!!!!!!!!

  228. Sariful says:

    Frndzzz, is thre ny new updates regarding sc verdict/order?

  229. rb says:

    UGC announced results of NET June 2012 after the verdict of Kerela High Court…Now more than 40,000 cleared for Lecturership.

  230. Ashok sharma says:

    Guyzzzzz, watchout for the new notification of ugc NET,,,, in DEC exm nly top 15 % stdnts in each subject will be qualified as passed NET,, provided that dey get minimum pass marks of 40,,40,, 50,, in paper 1, 2 nd 3.

  231. Ashok sharma says:

    Ugc has gave this notification jst 2 dayss before dec 30 exam,,, dat means UGC knws dat it sud be given before exms are held… Nd dey have indirectly admitted dat dey hav done illegal in JUNE exm.

  232. Sariful says:

    Ashok , you are right.

  233. Anjam says:

    What happened to the result friends? How long will have to wait?

  234. Ashok sharma says:

    Any update guyzzzzzz… ? Plzzz post… Tension increasngggg

  235. Nibedita Banik says:

    According to SLET commission UGC is not responding to their call. That’s why they r unable to publish d results. And they r unable to say about the exact date of publishing of the results. Can’t we do RTI on UGC or SLET commission asking them about the date of declaration of results.

  236. constantine says:

    Only top 15% of the candidates on NET merit list for each subject will be eligible for lecturership: UGC 28/12/2012

  237. k says:

    plz drag slet commission to court. what the hell are doing they?

  238. santanu says:

    the slet member should call UGC again and again…its their duty to anounce the result as soon asd possible

  239. ramen says:

    slet commission is not a man of work

  240. hemanta says:

    slet result may come after the declaration of UGCNETJune-12 3rd times result. it will be published by Jan-13. so we can expect slet result by february itself. what’s more, UGC 3rd times result criteria will follow in slet-12.

  241. Raju says:

    Hi! Hemantaji, How to you know that the NET June’12 exams result will be published for 3rd times. Do you have any authentic news from the competent authority ? Please inform me through this system. The Slet ne result really so delay this time .Wish you all the best of luck for new calendar years’13. Thanks!

  242. Raju says:

    Please read ,”how do you know” in stead of “how to you know.”. Thanks.

  243. d Bhattacharjee says:

    @ hemanta: how have u cum to knw that the ugc net’s revised result will cum out on 13th? its a very gud now waiting is unbearable..!!

  244. d Bhattacharjee says:

    the NET and especially now the SET result is very important for me. thrs a post vacant…and everything depends on these results…wish dey come soon..

  245. hemanta says:

    supreme court yaar! supreme court verdict.

  246. Raju says:

    When the SC proclaimed its verdict on the issue of UGC net june ,2012.Please post the verdict here.

  247. hemanta says:

    see shiva’s coment above

  248. Raju, u r frm english na ? hw was ur net xm ??

  249. Raju says:

    yes, jhuma, I`m from English. 3rd paper was worst . and u also English na? what about ur exam? Jhuma ,by da way u from which state?

  250. NDN says:


  251. yeah raju my subject too english. m frm tripura. so whts ur score n 3 papers ?

  252. hey frnds. check dis out. KERALA HC has ordered on tuesday dat its fr all d verdict. NOW its

    clear dat min criteria has to b passed. wake up frnds. see d above mentioned link and call slet

    cmmmsn. we shld too get d benefit n case of set. if national level stdnts can get den why can’t


  253. plz do smething. plz let d slet cmmsn knw abt it.

  254. RAAJ says:

    what has happened yaar……? why the slet commission till now not declaring the result ? whenever i call in their number it says the phone is switched off. does have any other alternative number of slet commission ?

  255. RAAJ says:

    what has happened yaar……? why the slet commission till now not declaring the result ? whenever i call in their number it says the phone is switched off. does anyone have other alternative number of slet commission ?

  256. constantine says:

    min criteria is not passed mark , read carefully

    “UGC regulations did not confer any right on the UGC to fix high marks after holding the NET”
    ” such criteria cannot be introduced just before the announcement of the results by executive orders.”

    this means that cut off mark should not be introduced after holding exam or before announcement of exam

    thats the verdict, nothing else

    • Pagoleer Tikadar says:

      tumi phagol jeta icha kow , tik tikeer phagol, onyour matha karap koro, genuene pagol

      • constantine says:

        i do not understand a thing you are saying, why you people are talking rubbish, slet already made min criteria i.e. cut off for consideration of result, if you got more than or equal to cut off, like cut off is 55% and you got 56%, it does not necessarily means that you through slet. It is clear that among candidates who got cut off mark and above, only 15% will through, this means that if 100 people got marks higher than or equal to cut off mark only top 15 will be selected on that particular subject.

  257. SEEMA says:


  258. mt says:

    We r really very much disappointed to ugc and slet for playing such a nasty game on candidates for constantly delaying the result. One thing that often distract us here is that slet does not distinguish between science and humanities on the basis of subject difficulties,which by its virtue of fact these two different subjects r dealt differently by csir and ugc respectively. But here, slet is treating both of them equally,this is irrational,so,if slet does this then this exam might be the last exam that science students have ever given,better we focus on csir exam

  259. mt says:

    We r really very much disappointed to sletne and ugc for playing such a nasty game on candidates for not declaring result for long. Its still more depressing for those who belongs to science stream bcoz slet does not distinguish between science and human
    ities on the basis of subjects difficulties which infact in net are conducted by csir and ugc respectively,but here,slet is conducting common test for both and keeping the same cut off which is not rational. So, if slet see these blindly then science aspirants definately will not appear in this kind ridiculous exam. Nobody can turn back from this fact since in csir ugc net june 2012 the highest cut off marks for gen.candidates was only 49% whereas at the same time ugc net has 55,60 and 65% for diff.categories. So what I strongly believe is that there must be such feasible cut off marks for diff.subjects based on subject difficulties otherwise its better for slet not to conduct test for science.

  260. jhuma Majumder says:

    Hello frnds. Jst now found this on FB. people have posted d news regarding SC verdict. D news

    s ABSOLUTELY TRUE. Dainik Bhaskar published d news dat new results will b published now

    bcz SC VERDICT. Dere was dis very much confusion regarding d verdict only bcz it was not

    published n d website of SC. bt it was only bcz of d winter vacation. Check d news for yourself.

    Now ugc criteria quashed. it now remains to be seen as wht slet cmmssn does.

  261. Anjam says:

    any update friends????????????

  262. ramen says:

    avoid the thinking to file case again slet

  263. ramen says:

    my advice is that try next qualify that will be better


  265. ramen says:

    no need to update false statement…

  266. jai says:

    i got 84, 58, 114 in chemical science. Is there any chance to qualify? plz if u have any idea about cut off plz update

  267. jhuma Majumder says:

    hey who r u ? just shut up ok. can’t you see its from TIMES OF INDIA ?? R u illiterate or

    what ?

  268. jhuma Majumder says:

    Remain updated with d latest things. otherwise its not others fault that u can’t understand what

    it is. keep your opinions to yourself. don’t flaunt here.

  269. NDN says:

    check it out……………………..

  270. Sagir says:

    Drainage of lectureship

  271. ramen says:

    i think no guys should file case against wil waste time only

  272. ramen says:

    sc verdict on ugc is not aplicable to SLET

  273. ramen says:

    i think cut of mark of slet exam should be 70% in each subject so that the people of india know that ne-slet is very tough. update your opinion friends….in this regard..

  274. s.n. says:

    hi friends, any news about result ?

  275. shiva says:

    No one should frighten people away from seeking justice in the court.We live in a democracy,aren’t we?What is application to Net is also applicable to Ne-slet on the same ground.The logic is very simple.There is no need to advice us.

  276. ya SHIVA u r right. And Ramen is talking about 70% really ??? who r u ? r u representative of

    slet commission ? And SC verdict not applicable to SET ??? Why so ? Do u live n this country

    or another one ? Don’t misguide others.

  277. Sariful says:

    I think slet result will come after d declaration of ugc net revised result. Do u hv any updates rgrdng ugc’s response? It is 2 late. Both ugc n sletne com. r playing a game with us.

  278. susmita says:

    result will declare after 15 january.and cut off may be 50%.i called slet help line no. yesterday.

  279. shiva says:

    It has been learned from ugc G.U office that a revised result will be published by 17th Jan.I am serious, not joking or taunting like those from behind the bush…

  280. V.K.YADAV says:

    I am Commerce candidate for NE SLET for 2012 and I have score 70, 72 and 106 marks in first, second and third paper as per answer key issued by the NE SLET Organisation in the month of October, 2012. Thus, my total scroe is 248 marks (71%). I am also waiting for result. Please tell me cut off marks as soon as possible.

  281. Wow SHIVA. Dats great. hope Slet will follow this. Not only follow but they have to. Thanks for

    this info.

  282. SUSMITA, really ? Did slet Cmmssn say this ???? i mean wow. Did they mention about the

    cutoff ? Plzzzz reply. waiting with bated breath.

  283. susmita says:

    Yes.they said if we had crossed 50%.then we hav chance

  284. Thankssss susmita for d info. hope all turns out to be well. and if you have any more info plzzzz

    update here.

  285. s.n. says:

    if this information is correct then really all of us should be thankfull to god.

  286. ramen says:

    shiva dont update false atatement. today i called slet office result will be declared after 15 jan. but cut of may be 65% 60% 55% as in case of andhra prades slet and like uttarkahand slet

    • shiva says:

      I made contact with ugc office, not with Slet commission,okay?.I am not habituated to falsify–that is not my favourite haunt.

  287. ramen says:

    it is a joyful day for us that result is going to be a

  288. s.n. says:

    dear ramen. apslet and uttarakand slet result came before the kerala hc verdict . now senario is changed . ugc is inawkward position .so i think shiva may be correct but on which ground you say cut of may be 65% 60% 55% as in case of andhra prades slet and like uttarkahand slet. thanks.

  289. S. N., listen Andhra pradesh slet was declared based on d 65% criteria. it was long time back

    even before the controversy. but Uttarakhand slet result was declared on d basis of subject -

    wise cutoff. So cutoff varied from subject to subject. dis result was declared just a day before

    so called SC order or KHC order. So even before more controversy surrounded d issue there

    d result was declared. But now the scenario as u said has changed.

  290. ucan check d uttarakhand result. it differed very much from ugc june. only bcz dere was dis

    much hue and cry over d cutoffs. but all dat was just before d crt orders. but as now d khc

    order in favour of d stdnts here nrth east slet has to take action very carefully. bcz stdnts now

    know everything.

  291. DJ says:

    As per my own source, NESLET result will b declared on 2nd week of FEB…. Cut off will b subject wise…

    • shiva says:

      Thank you NDN for your befitting updates.Its an eye-opener.What’s use fighting like this?Let’s wait till the announcement of the results.

  292. yns says:

    God knows when slet commission will declare the results.They are just torturing the students with this wait game.

  293. NDN says:

    dear Ramen 4 ur kind info i’d like to share dat uttarakhand slet result was subjectwise n highest cutt off was in SANSKRIT(67.43,63.43,57.14,60.57) n lowest in MATHEMATICAL SCIENCE(50.29,52,45.14,nil)…..

  294. ya NDN. u r absolutely correct.

  295. shiva says:

    Let the announcement of the results bring smiles to the faces of all the Net/Set aspirants…

  296. joe_555 says:

    still result’s not out! when it is going to be???? i m tired, uff!!!!!!! this time is the first time i am giving slet and i am sure this will be the last time as well, i hate the organisation’s carelessness!

  297. hemanta says:

    hello Mr. joe ! plz dont blame slet commission NE. actually result is ready, but slet NE is not independent authority. like all college & university slet also depends upon UGC. so everything in UGC’s hand

  298. shiva says:

    The UGC appealed to a Div. Bench in Kerala H.C. on 9th Jan against the single- judge verdict of K.H.C. The hearing is on 21st.Please visit for latest informations the blog–http // /

  299. jhuma Majumder says:

    ya d ugc appealed for a stay verdict on d order of d kerala High Court verdict but it was

    rejected by d division bench. Now ugc have no option but to appeal which they did. And for dat

    d final hearing s on 21st jan. Aftr dat everything will be clear. d division bench verdict depends

    on wht decision will ugc take.

  300. joe_555 says:

    ya thats true.its just because of frustration . sorry guys!. perhaps ugc will solve this problem soon and we will get our result !

  301. ramen says:

    ha ha ha

  302. shiva says:

    Ha ha ha for what ,friend? Sadist pleasure, I presume…

  303. Anjam says:

    This was also my first time and secured 62% and what do you think guys will it do as general in Life Science. Is there any news about the result. Plz update……….

  304. ya if dere s any nws plz update.

  305. Sagir says:

    New resuly is coming ,NET JUNE,

  306. Sagir says:

    All who scored above qulifying marks in net june are getting qualified,.results publish at end of this month.

  307. Ok SAGIR. ya i too heard d same. And wht abt SET result ????? will we too get d same as

    JUNE result ?? plzzzz reply.

  308. Ashok sharma says:

    Sagir nd jhuma ,,,, can u kindly tell me wer did u got the news dat new UGC NET JUNE recult will come out… Plzzz plzzz reply

  309. mt says:

    Just now once again I talked to the slet commission regarding the result and it came to my notice that ugc peoples are not coming to finalize the issues bcoz ugc is still having case pending in kerala high court,so slet is expecting them after the settlement of case in kerala HC. Let’s wait for kerala judgement.

  310. Ashok, dere r numerous posts on facebook and mny news daily coming out on dainik bhaskar

    times and other newspapers. I m nt sure but m n touch with various other students from other

    parts of d country. they r saying dis things. and do check d times of india yesterday’s edition

    where it printed again students from maharashtra filed petition against ugc. so just lets see wht

    hppns. and dis mndy d kerala division bench verdict s d most imp. aftr d verdict things will b

    clear. So just pray dat everything turns out well and n favour of us.

  311. Ashok sharma says:

    Thanks ,, jhuma,,, nd lets hope for the best

  312. ya lets hope fr d best.

  313. hemanta says:

    Hey guys ! one good news for those who have cleared NETJune12. the Ecertificate has been issued. so download it immediately and go for……!!!!!

  314. ramen says:

    plz file case against slet commission asking them about the delay of the declaration of the result. drag them to the court then they will learn something

  315. ramen says:

    file case in guwahati high court

  316. Biswanath Das says:

    Dear Hemanta i could not download the e certifct, tried for many times, but showing error msz like ‘password doesnot match’/ security key was missing etc. m worried… wht to do? plz inform me u or any of ur friend downloaded this certificate or not.

  317. Sagir says:

    Friemds,i hav download e certificate.Its really pleasureanle experience.

  318. Sagir says:

    Ok friends,i welcome all friends to join UGC NET FACEBOOK for unofficial information about NET & SET.AS FAR AS I KNOW,RESULT OF NE SLET WILL BE PUBLISHED ON A 25TH JAN.

  319. DJ says:

    Congrats Mr. Sagir…. May i know ur sub & %marks on which u hav qualified the NET JUNE’12….? And regarding SET result on 25th, r the UGC persons coming to GHY before 25th? If u hav any info about it, plz update yaar…

  320. Sagir says:

    Its expected that so on 25 th.I HEARD SO FROM my teachers.

  321. shiva says:

    Any updates, Jhuma?

  322. jhuma Majumder says:

    ya SHIVA. today there was d hearing of KERALA DIVISION BENCH. but it is postponed

    tomorrow i.e., TUESDAY. it s expected dat on 22nd d final verdict will come. After dat possibly

    all will b clear. so just pray and keep hope for tuesday.

  323. shiva says:

    Please go through K.H.C 2nd judgement on UGCNET June 2012.

  324. hemanta says:

    Hey guys! there is a good news for those who have cleared net/set in English, Education & library science subject. B. Baruah College , Guwahati, has pubilshed an adv. for ASST. PROF. So see ASSAM TRIBUNE & go. u dont have much time…………….

  325. shiva says:

    KHC case postponed till 5th Feb as per FB sources. Chief Judge,KHC, is still unwilling to entertain the UGC appeal. A group of aspirants has announced their plan to move the SC.before UGC places the case there as part of their strategy of delay or something best -known to them.(SOURCE-FB).

  326. jhuma Majumder says:

    ya @ Shiva u r right. KERALA HC DB hearing on 5th feb. and NAGPUR HC on 11 feb.

  327. Nibedita Banik says:

    According to Slet office, slet ne results 2012 will be announced on second week of february.

  328. thnks NIBEDITA BANIK fr d info. Did they say anything about d cutoff ????

  329. Nibedita Banik says:

    Sorry jhuma. They did not want to disclose about the cut off. They just confirmed that the results will surely be announced on 2nd week of february….

  330. oh its ok nibedita. thnx fr d info.

  331. mahendra tamang says:

    Frens tension airing a lot about slet result,how long and how it comes. based on present controversies may be ugc make the court decision e.i candidates obtaining minimum qualifying marks will get through applicable to slet.but let’s see whether this system would first apply in the net or not which matters about the future result. There are also many possibilities for slet coz in different states where slet test was conducted there candidates are putting pressure to their commission to publish revised supplementary result and this is likely to come at the end of this month.states like maharastra, andhra pradesh as well are pressurizing their respective commission, so frens hope for the best and if it did not happen with us then we will not only posting our updates but we all join our hands to move on to gwty high court.

  332. ya right MAHENDRA TAMANG. we will.

  333. s.n. says:

    of course. we must fight together. let’s wait for court decision.

  334. shiva says:

    I’ll join you all my friends with all my might…let’s move together.

  335. s.n. says:

    hi friends. any news….

  336. Frnds, 2mrw there will b a big protest at DELHI’s JANTAR MANTAR. stdnts frm diff states will

    b dere against d ugc net result. source FACEBOOK.

  337. Ashok sharma says:

    Guyzzz its going to be almost 5 mnths…. Wat abt the result….?,, lots of oppurtunities r going out of us… Will the slet commission pay us for it… Do somethng….. Plzzzzz

  338. Ashok sharma says:

    We sud personally meet the slet comm chairman,, nd also the education minister hemant bishwa sharma sir…. Urgent guyzzzz

  339. Ashok sharma says:

    Its high time guyzzz, we sud also form a group nd fix a date, very soon nd charge the slet comminssion office at ghty…. Make it fast.. Nly wen we force slet…dan nly it will do smething quikly… M i rite guyzzzzzz.

  340. ya ashok you r right. did u call slet cmmsn ??? wht r dey saying ? and wht abtt d cutoff ??

  341. It s said dat ugc members r coming to visit d students who r protesting now at JANTAR

    MANTAR. police have infrmd d ugc. if something positive really happens we should also not be

    deprived of it. wht say frnds ??????

  342. Ashok sharma says:

    Rite jhuma,,, slet jst says dat ki ugc officials not cmggg,,, dat is not a proper excuse… If officials not cmggg dan its the duty of slet chairman to visit the ugc nd solve it immediately.. Dats we hav to do.. In Feb 1st week all stdnts in or around ghty sud fix a date nd charge slet office ghty… Minimum 50 plus stdnts are required to pressurise slet…

    • Shyamal Das says:

      hai,guys, those who are from guwahati plzzzz do something, meet the chairman also meet Higher education Minister, pzzzzz.

  343. see ASHOK aND SHYAMAL. whatever u r saying s absolutely true. but think of dis thing

    minutely. as d xm was conducted so rslts will also b out. ya rslt s being delayed bt dats fr d june

    rslt controversy. nw think dat hw d rslts will b out. if we get d same treatment as june rslt its

    injustice na ???? and just now saw n FB dat kerala students posted dere dat a nwspapr

    in kerala published d news dat ugc had asked d KHC to give dem 3 mnths time to issue

    certificates as d matter s n d khc division bench. now whts d truth we dnt knw. bt if dats true

    do u think we should b deprived of dat ?????

  344. Ashok sharma says:

    Well, jhuma mind one thing dat,,, nthing can be said before the krla high crt gives any judgement..,,, it may take 1, 2, 3 or 6 mnths… Dats not the issue.. Bt at least slet sud declare the result .. If any injstce it does , dan we can file a case upon,,,,, bt frst result has to be out… If ugc net case is delayed for 1 yr… Dan is it corrct dat slet also delays it for 1 yr.. Dats wat m saying

  345. jhuma Majumder says:

    oh no no ashok u r right. m supporting ur views frm d very first. nw listen jst now MADRAS HIGH


    OMG !!!!!!! jst think. D verdict came against UGC.

  346. Shyamal Das says:

    jhuma i m totally agree with Ashok, since i m 4m Tripura and waiting 4 result bcoz at the end o f march advertisement will publish, so result is must 4 me as well as those who r from tripur.

  347. s.n. says:

    friends. i think jhuma is right. at this moment many of us may be deprived from justice .so if result comes after the verdict no one will have any complain. also slet result may come upto last week of feb.13.

  348. ya s.n. see today MADRAS HIGH COURT also gave verdict in favour of stdnts. And told UGC to

    issue certificates within 4 weeks. so see.

  349. s.n. says:

    exactly right. it is better to wait few more days. it is the main reason for which slet/net is also waiting.

  350. Ashok sharma says:

    Okk guyzzzz, i agree with u all… We will wait… Let all the curtain fell…

  351. ya lets see where all dis hppngs actually leads to.

  352. ranjan says:

    we, the real victim of injustice by ugc/slet, must move democratically like Gandhi against Britishers. Will not we pressurize?

  353. ya Ranjan u r right. we must fight it against d injustice if any caused by slet cmmssn.

  354. Nibedita Banik says:

    Dear friends, accordind to SLET commission, SLET results will be announced dis week…. So, hope for d best.

  355. s.n. says:

    hi nibedita, from where you received this information.

  356. Nibedita Banik says:

    To s.n.: I called slet commission on friday and dey confirmed dat the results will be announced in dis week. But dey did not tell about the cut off marks. So, hope for d best.

  357. thnx nibedita fr d info. bt really wht r dey planning ??? God knows !!!!!

  358. s.n. says:

    thanks nibedita for information.

  359. s.n. says:

    friends, suddenly slet is going to give the result. so what are the planning and motive behind slet following the ugc new formula that only 15% candidates among qualifying criteria will be considered for result.

  360. ya s.n. me too wrrd. really wht r dey upto ??? 2mrw s d division bench verdict. will dey wait fr

    dis verdict or not ???? and release d rslt accrdng 2 it ??? or a higher cutoff again ??? do u

    hve any info abt anything related to it or anyone ???

  361. ramen says:

    dont argue friends result will be anounced today or tomorow. ugc person already took the mark list to delhi ugc office. slet commsn has no right to decide cut of mark it is ugc only…

  362. s.n. says:

    hi jhuma, every thing will be clear tommorow. so let’s hope for the best.

  363. Ashok sharma says:

    Guyzzz i also talked slet office.. Day said ki result out in this week

  364. Ashok sharma says:

    Hey jhuma wats ur subjct nd ur percntge of marks…..?

  365. ya s.n. everything will be clear 2mrw. and ASHOK did slet cmmsn said anything abt d cutoff

    mrks ???? my subject s ENGLISH and my % s 60.57%

  366. Ashok sharma says:

    Jhuma dey said dat dey hav set the cut off,,, bt dint disclosed it.. Dey said dat its their secrecy.. Nd all will knw it this week….

  367. ok thnx ashok fr d info. secrecy ???? now dey only know wht dey hve set d cutoff mrks.

  368. Nibedita Banik says:

    Dear friends, will d result b announced 2day?????? i m really worried…..

  369. Nibedita Banik says:

    Hey friends, I gave the Slet exam in chemistry subject and my percentage is 61.73%. Is there any chance for me to clear d exam?? I am general.

  370. nibedita. really dnt knw when will d rslt be. bt i think my b not today. bcz 2dy s d division

    bench hearing. may be dey will wait fr d verdict 2 happen and see d outcome. den aftr fridy

    or thurs smethng might hppn. do u hve any info ? wht may b d cutoff ?

  371. Nibedita Banik says:

    Jhuma. Thanx for d info. Dnt know abt d cut off marks. i m really very worried.

  372. actually nibedita its my assumption only. but logically it should be like dis only. so may dis

    hppn. me 2 wrrd abt d cutoff. aftr all dis crt cases and controversies if again a higher cutoff

    wht can we say bt to protest. right ??

  373. Nibedita Banik says:

    Absolutely right, Jhuma.

  374. DJ says:

    Hi Nibedita, i think u wl qualify SET very easily… This time d result/cut-off wl b subjectwise & i m assuming it on d basis of d recent U-SET result… Since. ur subject is Chemistry, ur % wl b more than enough…. So, start subscribing d Assam Tribune daily to look at d advrtzmnt for Asst. Prof…. GOOD LUCK….

  375. ba says:

    Hi frnd my subject is physics and my % is 58.29 is there any possibility of qualify the SLET……

  376. ba says:

    m belongs to MOBC

  377. Nibedita Banik says:

    Thanx a lot dj.

  378. Nibedita Banik says:

    But if d cutoff is 65% then i dont have any chance.

  379. Ashok sharma says:

    Net case hearing postponed to 20th FEB by kerela high court

  380. ya ashok u r right. again case postponed bt bfre dat set rslts will b out.

  381. and nibedita may b dis time it will nt b 65%.

  382. Shyamal Das says:

    jhuma thanx, u gives us lot of information

  383. thnk u shyamal. hey whts ur subject and ur score ?

  384. Nibedita Banik says:

    Dear friends, i cleared set 2012….

  385. joe_555 says:

    congrats , nebedita. hey guys i got 54.857 in physics and i am from st background and i am happy to inform you that i have cleared set-2012.

  386. shiva says:

    Jhuma, please contact me.My cell no-(o)9957228287.We won’t accept TOP-7% criteria as it was not notified earlier.This is an injustice.Let’s move the court.

  387. rb says:

    Only top 7% candidates have been qualified in NE SLET 2012… it is a injustice.I’ve already talked to one Advocate Mr. Koustav Mani Gogoi(contact no 9864041107).Dear friends you can also contact him.Reply.

  388. rb whts ur percentage ? r u going to crt ?

  389. umakanta says:

    come guys, we will go to court together. I got 65% (obc) in assmamese. but i m nt qualified. so its injustice. my mb no. is 9707574809

  390. hemanta says:

    Dear Frnds! I have qualified SLET -12

  391. Ashok wht abt ur result ???

  392. rb give ur phne no. i will call you

  393. RB plzzz give ur phne no.

  394. rb dis no m nt getting

  395. NDN says:

    amazing slet well done bravo……..i have scrd 208 in commrce obc cudnt clear n som1 who has scrd 206 passd………………………wat a scenario bossss

  396. ndn, wht will u do now

  397. suman says:

    i m unable to get min marks in pii bcz their ans keys were wrong….m ready to file case against them for two reasons :
    1. where is updated ans keys
    2. have they gave us prior notification that they will selects only top 7% from each subjects

  398. Somnath says:

    i have qualified the same with 56 + 56+78=190, but no name ..wat sd do …

  399. Ashok sharma says:

    Waaaoo, jhuma i cleared SLET….

  400. congratsssss ashok. same to you nibedita

  401. Somnath says:

    its all ok …but in Voucher the commission clearly mentioned that they can take the decision before releasing t he result …so might be the 7% is their decission

    • hemanta says:

      SLET COMM. has applied the criteria which the UGC diclared after the announcement of the controversial supplementary result following an RTI seeking the info concerned.The same is under scanner in several High Courts of India and theUGC is in backfoot everywhere.Under the circumstances, the SLET COMM. should not have used the controversial cut off creating unrest among the aspirants.SLET has done the same mistake.Nothing was clearly stated in the first notification.Democracy needs clarity and transparency in all spheres.They are just playing with the destinies of the future citizens of India.

    • sc says:

      SLET COMM. has applied the criteria which the UGC diclared after the announcement of the controversial supplementary result following an RTI seeking the info concerned.The same is under scanner in several High Courts of India and theUGC is in backfoot everywhere.Under the circumstances, the SLET COMM. should not have used the controversial cut off creating unrest among the aspirants.SLET has done the same mistake.Nothing was clearly stated in the first notification.Democracy needs clarity and transparency in all spheres.They are just playing with the destinies of the future citizens of India.

  402. constantine says:

    Yesssssssssssssssssssssss , Thank You Lord

  403. Ashok sharma says:

    Hey, how can I check my marks

  404. NDN says:

    hearty congrts to all of my succsful frnds………

  405. susmita says:

    my subject is lif 63.4% n cleared it

  406. Ashok sharma says:

    Congrtes,,,,,,,Yaa susmita life science me highest stdnts passed

  407. susmita says:

    but i belong to obc .ashok same 2 u.

  408. Ashok sharma says:

    Guysss plz tell me. How can i check my marks

  409. A.K. says:

    Even after getting 61 % i did not cleared UGC NET 2012 but my hard work did not go to vain Finally , i cleared SLET NE with 68% mark, i am from commerce, general category. Those who cleared / passed SLET NE 2012 -13 congrats and BEST OF LUCK for future and those who did not, study hard for next SLET exam becouse nothing is impossible if we determine ourselves and it is sure that if we don’t do hard work, we don’t get success or good result. so work hard,hard and harder. Thanks god and have a nice days to all.

  410. Rahul says:

    Please tell me how to get the % of marks (score)

  411. Ashok sharma says:

    Hey, NDN how u got to knw dat someone has got 206 nd got qualified

    • NDN says:

      we r frm same univrsity……..same teacher….same state,he told it to sir n me earlier even after declaration of the result….

  412. mahendra tamang says:

    Hi guys! Congrats to one n all who were really worried n constantly sharing their opinions n worries in this comments box since long back. My dear frens may be all of u have got the satisfied outcome coz those who were sharing ideas here in this site were many scoring little less marks as compare to the marks laid down by ugc last time n may be its due to our continues calling to slet commission n comments here have done the positive dear frens congrats n don’t stop posting ur updates.

  413. Ashok sharma says:

    Guyss though i cleared slet,, bt our frndsip nd relatnsip dat build up doesnt ends here,,,, i m with all u frnds , in all ur protest nd legal action against the

    • shiva says:

      thanks ashok,we are going to fight these tughlaks of indian education in court soon.join this battle,everyone.we are hundrds already.we shall overcome.

      • Shyamal Das says:

        thanks to all ,,,,,,,,, umahendra tamang,jhuma Majumde,rAshok sharma, NDN, Rahul, shiva, umakanta, hemanta, Biswanath Das, umakanta, hemanta,Biswanath Das,, espicially Jhuma for contuining support in this site, friends i cleared SET, and congrts… all of them who cleared d same, BEST OF LUCK rest of them.

      • NDN says:

        r8 shiva wat abt ur result?

  414. mahendra tamang says:

    Frens! Could u please let me know whether the roll no.given in the result is the cleared candidates or new list will be prepared from this by selecting the top 7%? Please clarify this doubt of mine

  415. NDN says:

    Will we b able to see our marks n subjectwise cutoff?if so when?

  416. Ashok sharma says:

    Mahendra tamang, i jst now talked with officials,, they said dat the roll. No. Mentioned are cleared… This is the final list of candidates cleared slet… Soo u jst hav to do one thing. .i.e. Partyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Enjoyyyyyy

  417. mahendra tamang, whts ur result ?

  418. and NDN, contact plzzzz mr. shiva and RB here. u will get an idea.

  419. mahendra tamang says:

    thanx mr ashok we r bleeding on the dance floor, I too talked to slet office and said its same and they r going to inform through same site regarding certificate. Jhuma my roll no.appeared in list n what about u?

  420. ya plzzzz join mr. shiva and umakantha. NDN join them if u can.

  421. Ashok sharma says:

    Mahendra , its written in the slet information brocher that certficates will be issued around 20 days after the declartion of result.. We can take it personally. We have to carry with us our mastr degre marksheet nd slet admit card….i will approch slet office around 1 st week of march.

  422. Ashok sharma says:

    Mahendra , its written in the slet information brocher that certficates will be issued around 20 days after the declartion of result.. We can take it personally. We have to carry with us our mastr degre marksheet nd slet admit card….i will approch slet office around 1 st week of march.,,

  423. NDN says:

    whether they will disclose marks n subjectwise cutoff or we wil have to go for RTI?

  424. NDN says:

    Is there ny frnd 4m commerce who cleard n belongs to OBC?

  425. sc says:

    It is once again proved that in democracy,Tughlaks and Hitlers rule the roost.

  426. got to knw dat stdnts frm nrtheast are approaching crt. NDN ask shiva abt d same. u will get

    all d info

  427. Shyamal Das says:

    thanks to all ,,,,,,,,, umahendra tamang,jhuma Majumde,rAshok sharma, NDN, Rahul, shiva, umakanta, hemanta, Biswanath Das, umakanta, hemanta,Biswanath Das,, espicially Jhuma for contuining support in this site, friends i cleared SET, and congrts… all of them who cleared d same, BEST OF LUCK rest of them.

  428. umakanta says:

    hi frends,i have scored 65% in assamese(obc).but i have nt qualifed. I m going 2 d crt.

  429. Ashok sharma says:

    Congrates shyamal,,,,, which paper was urs.. Nd ur prcntge

  430. congratsssssss shyamal. bst of luck fr d future.

  431. NDN says:

    their contact numbr is off………………please nyone try to know whether they will publish marks n subjectwise cutoff

  432. DJ says:

    Congrats to all who qualified SET 2012… I too grabbed d same in Physical Science…

  433. NDN, whose contact no ???? mr shiva cntct no s here given. and RB no also.

  434. rb says:

    Members of SLET COMMISSION feel that any qualifiyng criteria can be given and it will be accepted by everyone in North Eastern Region.They are thinking that deprived N-E candidates don’t have the couarage to knock the door of Guwahati High Court .If two thousand candidates from Kerela can challenge UGC why not we ??? Friends come forward…remember like NET,SLET too is an eligibility test,not a Competitive Exam(which ensures job/admission in pre-specified posts/seats).N-E region is not independent that SLET will not follow the Article 14 of Indian Constitution.

    • jazz says:

      go 4 it…bt remember there is a time bar (20 days)..with in some valid time u v 2 case a file…and along wd high cut off…the no of pass students are not uniform..

  435. sadeesh says:

    dear friends first I convey my wishes to all and my humble request is please share your cut off marks and your respective major in this site. Then only all of them was know their position in this exams


  436. hemanta says:

    Frends! it pains me to say that many of us could not clear slet. but one request for those candidate who have cleared slet-12. please support them who are goint to court. coz this is realy injustice. some got 55% cleared slet, some got 65% but could not cleared slet. we know that ugc norms is same in all disciplin & in all universities. so why not it applicable to slet? so frnds support them. though I cleared slet-12, I m alwas with u frnds. go ahead, u will win like kerela students.

  437. jhuma Majumder says:

    ya rb s absolutely true. everyone come forward. support dem.

  438. jhuma Majumder says:

    ya ndn. it will b off now. bcz dey r nw trying to avoid d queries of stdnts. even d ans key s not

    updated. no feedback. and dey declared d result. on wht basis ?????

  439. rb says:

    Filing a case in Guwahati High Court against SLET COMMISSION is very urgent.
    The need of the hour is to create awareness about the injustice done to the deprived slet candidates by writing
    1articles in newspapers
    2.letters to the Editors of daily newspapers

    So friends….don’t waste time.Do something remarkable.

  440. Vinod Kumar Yadav says:

    who has secured more than 248 marks in NE SLET 2012 in COMMERCE (21)?

  441. Has any General candidate cleared NE SLET 2012 in Maths below 75% score?

  442. constantine says:

    Sletne 2012 result has been removed from slet ne site ?!!!

  443. s.n. says:

    friends, slet has taken whimsical decision like net. all of us should oppose it. i am in hindi and secured 52,62 and 110 marks in general category but did not qualify. i also shall go to court. so please be united and file case in court . those who are from guwahati may lead our union and give their suggestions.

  444. Ashok sharma says:

    No mr. Constantine the slet result is not removed from the site…… Nd by the way they have published the result in the assam tribune newspaper of 7th feb..,,,, plzz ckeck it sir nicely….

  445. Ashok sharma says:

    Noo, NDN i dnt think dat marks will be published… Cut off may be provided later on…,,as per slet officials

  446. Ashok sharma says:

    Waaooo, MR Vinod yadav…. U scored very nice… I think u sud be among top 5… I too cleared net in general , commerce… I secured 65% approx

    • A lot of congratulations on the eve of your grand success and so, celebrate your achievement with all your close friends………………………………….!!! All the Best for the forthcoming successes of your life.

  447. S.N. join rb and mr. shiva here. dey r going to crt. d contact no s given here.

  448. mahendra tamang says:

    hi frens! andhra pradesh slet has declared supplementary result clearing another 2000 candidates on 8th of this month. so, we too can expect supplementary result. best of luck guys.

  449. rb says:

    Andhra pradesh slet has declared supplementary result on 8th Feb 2012 clearing another 3000 candidates.

  450. RB plzzz contact here S.N. he wants to contact with you.

  451. rb says:

    We have decided to file a case against SLET Commission in GHC on 18 th of this month.One of the Designated Advocates will take our case….Dear Friends,come forward and support us.Remember no case means no Supplementary Result.We should be bold like the Kerela candidates.

  452. NDN says:

    APSET followed the top 7% criteria!!!!!!!!!

  453. Nagpur High crt gave verdict n favour of stdnts !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  454. mahendra tamang says:

    dear jhuma what about ur result? it seems result is not in ur favour, if its true i will definitely lay my hands for u all to move to the court to seek the justice bcoz jhuma u was the only one who was constantly giving move from the very beginning.

  455. Ashok sharma says:

    Dats rite,,,, miss jhuma cudnt clear inspite of getting above 60%… Bt she is the most active member in this blog.. She gave us most valuable infrmations.. Jhuma we r with U. Go ahead..

  456. hey thnxxxxxxxx mahendra and Ashok. mny mny thnxxxx. bt hey m nt moving crt. i m waiting

    patiently fr things to hppn. and dat wholly depends on ugc. if dey come out with a new rslt

    based on high crt verdicts den may b slet too does d same. u knw i may b missd fr just 1%

    and its very ill luck of mine dat d cutoff dat ugc gave n d supplemntry rslt was nt followed here

    so wht to say ??? people wth d same cutoff got qualified n d supple rslt bt me despite getting

    d same could nt do so. so its sheer bad luck and nthng else nt mentioning d injustice done

    by slet cmmssn. bt i must say ashok, mahendra and others r really of great help here.

    special mention to you two bcz u were really good frnds of mine.

  457. Ashok sharma says:

    Dnt wry jhuma we will suceed.even i got 59 % marks in commerce in NET june… So m too eagrly waitng for court judgmnts

  458. jazz says:

    Slet commission should lower the 7% to 15%.. as per new rules adopted by UGC- NET….and the number of seats in respective subjects should be increased…in one it is 194, in another it is 25,other 50,,,,,,,,,,,,e are 194 its ok…but where less students passed slet should decrease the cutoff marks in that respective subject…. i wish slet commission decrease its top 7% to top 15%

  459. ya jazz u r right. i too wish d same. wish it very much.

  460. jazz says:

    hi friends,
    any latest report?? slet commission must decrease the cut off marks…

  461. jazz i dnt knw. m so depressed. i dnt knw wht to do. fr december its 15% and nw 7% . hw did

    they decide this ???

  462. s.n. says:

    slet/net commision are playing with the carier of student. their idiotic decision depress us .but do not worry. we are living in a democratic country.there is judicial court. so lets hope for our justice. we should protest the decision of slet/net. KHC DB decision will come shortly. we should also drag the slet commision in high court.

  463. s.n. says:

    i have secured 64% in hindi . i am in general category. i have not qualified slet.but i shall go to court. we have no other alternative.

  464. umakanta says:

    hi jhuma,any letest infrm.

  465. no umakanta. nagpur hc db verdict postponed to 25th feb. kerala hc s on 20th feb. and s.n

    ya u r right. tamil nadu set stdnts r also going to crt against set result. and it will b very good if

    u contact mr. shiba and rb. here also stdnts r going to crt.

  466. jazz says:

    any latest news….whether a case have been filed or not…. we r running out of time……..SLET commission should decrease the top 7% criteria to top 15% …as a min criteria

  467. jazz stdnts will file case. dnt wrry. jst let d jerala high crt verdict come. den all will b clear. and

    tamil nadu stdnts hve filed case already against slet. so dnt wrry. if ugc comes out wth a new

    rslt den slet too. everything rests wth ugc now. bt law s above all. and dere r mny news coming

    as of now which i can assure you sounding very positive. but first thing s dat at d national level

    a result has to come. den jst see how all d drama unfolds.

  468. Ashok sharma says:

    Guyzzz, I read the slet information broucher carefully, nd there it writtn twice dat the STEERING COMMITEE will take the final decision “before the declartion of result”, in bold letters.. Nd moreover again its also written dat final decision will be taken by steerng commitee.,, so i think guyzzz slet position is little strong.. Bcj dey can argue dat in court…

  469. s.n. says:

    slet is guided by net. whatever decision will be given by KHC/SC it will be applicable for slet also if we go to court. steering commitee will take the decision but it does not mean that they are beyond the law.

  470. jazz says:

    guyzzz,slet is of state’s concern…it has a steering committee ..ok…but do we think UGC dont have?… UGC covers whole country..they too have their own steering committee that even stronger than any slet commitee.. if UGC could give a second list why not slet……it should but according to me a spark is needed…and UGC has already declared a new list for ..i think..cs… and i m not sure but as far as my concern there is a time limit for any type of case or RTI…so hope 4 the best.. I wish we do the needful within time….

  471. s.n. says:

    exatly right. now let’s see the hearing in KHC DB

  472. jazz says:

    any latest news guyz???

  473. jazz says:

    KHC? NET and Slet are different? UGC net has announced that they will take top 15%. Slet has given only top 7%. moreover slet did not announce it earlier whereas Net did.

  474. ya jazz and s.n u both r absolutely right. khc means kerala high crt. 2dy dere was d hearing

    and verdict will come on 28th of dis month. d madras crt also gave verdict n favour of stdnts.

    and tamil nadu stdnts already filed case against set against dis 7% criteria and now d nxt

    hearing s on 27th of dis mnth. nw jazz u r absolutely right. dec its 15% den why 7% and dat too

    when it was not declared even n d ntfcn. its jst illegal. and great injustice too. so jst wait and

    see all d drama. and plzz cntct mr shiva here. u will get all d info related to crt case.

  475. Ashok sharma says:

    Hey guyzzz,, can u plzz tell me wen we will get our E-Certificates of slet.. Nd from were.. Any news abt dat…..?.plzzzz update

  476. Ashok sharma says:

    Hey, jhumma nd others,, at the kerela court’s hearing today,, it was one sided, in favor of the stdnts.. The ugc advocate dint have any answers.. So we hope so dat on 28th the decision might come in our favour… Nd once it cmes in stdnts favour… Dan may also have to think again abt the supplementry result of 15 %

  477. yes ashok. u r absolutely right. ugc advocate did nt hve any answers. and decision s on 28th.

    and ashok n slet dere s no ecertificate given . u will b notified through d website. they will

    provide certificate aftr dat within 20 working days. so kp checking. bst wishes fr d future ashok.

  478. jazz says:

    dear Jhuma, whether students filed a case against slet at KHC? i am nt getting any updates can you tell me what is going on??? I think that was against UGC net…not Slet and moreover NET june 2012,,is n’t it so?? and whether the students went at Madras HC against Madras-slet…..and moreover,Mr Ashok, how come the commission think about us of its own after getting any verdict from any HCs..its a state exam…state to state it may vary….so if no step is taken at GHC they will stuck to their decision..

  479. Ashok sharma says:

    Yaaa mr. Jzzz… U r rite… The victims of will hav to file a case at GHC.. Nd wat i say is dat the decision of KHC div bench, will be a yardstick for the GHC dan.. Nd if any postive judgmnt cmes dan.. victims will be benifittd

  480. Ashok sharma says:

    Thnkssss jhumaa

  481. welcome ashok. jazz listen its against ugc of june 2012 result both in madras and kerala

    high court. kerala stdnts were d main people who initiated action against ugc. bt tamil nadu

    stdnts now filed case against set rslt of their state. bcz in every set xm of d country d same

    criteria of 7% was taken. so d case s against set and ugc both. now to get d same benefit here

    also a case must be filed. bt as set follows ugc so d main thing s dat ugc must publish a result

    den all set too will follow d same. bt a case must also be filed so dat we lso don’t get

    deprived by any cost. and one thing s sure dat ugc s loosing n every crt so lets jst hope fr

    d best. so all in all innumerable case r going on against ugc and slet too. nw did u undrstnd

    ?? or if still any confusion ask me.

  482. all d high crt verdicts r imprtnt to us vry much jazz only bcz ugc criteria was followed in set.

    dats why its very imp. bcz if ugc does d same den slet too. dats why each and every crt

    decision matters.

  483. jazz says:

    ya i understood…even i wish so.. b’caz once the ne slet commisson despatch their certificates..will they give another supplimentary result…moreover slet2013 advertisement will be soon uploaded…k.. one thing whether students will go to court only for 1 particular subject or as a whole ???

  484. Ashok sharma says:

    Correct,, jhumma..

  485. constantine says:

    when will we get our slet certificate?

  486. Anjam says:

    Please update If anybody collected SET certificate or when will it be issued…….

  487. Shyamal Das says:

    from 4th march d certificate will b issue.

  488. NDN says:

    is there any frnd from nearby slet office?

  489. NDN says:

    Y r not they publishng cutoff?where is the transparncy? Will not they publish the cutoff?

  490. umakanta says:

    yes jhuma,recived yr msg.

  491. JAZZ, S.N. , and NDN. stdnts r going to file case dis week. so if any of u wish to join plzzzzz

    contact here MR. RB. his cntct no s 09854633685.

  492. vaishu says:

    is there will be any change in the cutoff marks? because i missed it by just 2 marks

  493. s.n. says:

    i have talked with advocate koustov gogoi. most probably in this week he will file my case in GHC

  494. S.N. its very good of ur cmng frwrd. yessss vry good. jazzz, ndn u too come frwrd like S.N. crt

    s d only way. 2mrw NAGPUR and KERALA division bench VERDICT will come. Nationwide

    stdnts r protesting against d injustice done to them. den why nt u too ??? when net stdnts

    will get certificate accrdng 2 crt order hw will u feel ??? as dis s a state level xm so only crt

    order will gve justice otherwise den u all r silent observers only who remain mute n d face

    of illegal and injustice norms.

  495. VAISHU. ur case s similar to MR. RB here. he too lost it fr 1%. do join him as he s fighting

    against slet cmmsn. u all shld encrge him. do join him. otherwise no one will listen to d pain

    of losing 2 mrks or 1 mrk. jst join him and fight against d injustice where even d ans key was

    not updated. his cntct no s given above. do tlk wth him.

  496. rb says:

    2moro our case against the injustice of NE SLET COMMISSION( in GHC )is to be filed.We have taken one of the designated advocates of GHC…dear friends join as petitioners without any delay.For details contact me in this number 9854633685.

  497. vaishu says:

    i think its all decided by luck.

  498. vaishu says:

    APSET 2012 conducted by osmania university announced supplementary result

  499. jazz says:

    Yes i saw it 2dy….Hope NE SLET also declare the same…they needed a spark ,,,once it is published in news paper students will cme forward….

  500. Ashok sharma says:

    Guyzzz from wen will be the certificate given nd wherre can i get it. Plzzzzz update

  501. umakanta says:

    hi rb, any latest infrom ghc.

  502. jazz says:

    any latest in4mtn abt GHC guys

  503. umakanta says:

    hi jazz,case in ghc: motion hearing is on thursday.

  504. jazz says:

    grt 2 hear about that…umakanta….lets hope 4 the best…any news..or newspaper view…

  505. Raju says:

    Hi,Umakanta ,rb n Jazz, I`m Raju from Tripura. I extend my support for filing case against the neslet.If require contact to me with the following cellphone No.9774212433/9436597941.

  506. rb says:

    Our case no in Guwahati High Court:(W.P.C.)No 1089/2013….today is motion hearing.So join us to make our case STRONG.reply.

  507. rb says:

    Our case no. in Guwahati High Court:(W.P.C)No 1089/2013….today is Motion hearing.So friends,come forward and join us to make our case STRONG.

  508. jazz says:

    thrusday guys,,,,,, any news from any where

  509. sree says:

    hey frnds, case has been filed against slet commssn n gauhati high crt. d case no s 1089/2013

    nw frndssssssss plzzzzzz kme frwrd. do join d fighters n dis noble cause. m too going to join in.

    dnt hesitate anymore. jazz, raju plzzzzzz kme frwrd. join dem n dis noble cause. learn frm d

    kerala, nagpur stdnts. d initiative has been taken by others. nw its ur turn to show. do come.

  510. rb says:

    ugc says that there is no limit in the number of qualified ugc argues in the courts that ugc limited number to maintain standard.information was given by ugc itself via rti ….It is applicable to NE SLET too.

  511. rb says:

    The Gauhati High Court at Guwahati

    (For 11th, March, 2013 )
    COURT NO. 7


    30. WP(C) 1089/2013 RINTU BHUYAN & 8 ORS
    (N.E. REGION)

  512. Dipankar says:

    hi gyz , is there any update form guwahati high court , i extend my strong support to file a case against sletne. if you gyz need any contribution regarding filing a case , i am ready to pay….

  513. joh says:

    will there be any supplementary result for assam slet cos for APSET has annouce for supplementary result…………….

  514. umakanta says:

    dipankar, pliz contect at following phone number.

  515. s.n. says:

    hi, RB. what is the latest information of our case?

  516. Raju says:

    Hi! Everybody how i get my mark sheet ? Please inform me .

  517. s a says:

    hi rb,what is the progress of the case ?what lame excuses does slet ne put up in fron of DB GHC? is there any hope for justice ? reply

  518. rb says:

    “Easier said than done”…it is easy to express something in Social Networking site,but difficult to be a man of Action.

  519. jazz says:

    hey guyz….any updates

  520. vaishu says:

    what is the difference between those who didnt get the minimum eligibility marks and those who didnt get the cutoff marks.

  521. Raju says:

    Hi ,rb, I`m really infavour of the case ,but my inability is the major issue in this regard.Hope u could understand.As a financial unsound background so it is so difficult to me for helping the means for the case at the very moment.However,my spirit always with you. Go ahead .May god bless you and co.Thanks!

  522. jazz says:

    I have my support wd u guyz………bt i think a information abt d case must b announced in newspaper….ne news channel…bcaz many doesnt knw abt case
    ….so that all deprived students come forward…

  523. NDN says:

    wud ny1 explain the whole RTI procedure to SLET

  524. jhuma Majumder says:

    bimal kalita its 09854633685. rb phne no. call him.

  525. NDN says:

    jhuma hav u got NET dec?

  526. Raju says:

    Hi! Jhuma ,Please give me your hello no as i need to speak with you on the very issue for details and clarification.You also please contact to me with this No.9436597941.With regards,

  527. s.n. says:

    hi friends, any updates regading net/slet case ? there is no any activity in this site since march seems that we are loosing our energy. we should not loose our patient at this juncture. we will win. ugc/slet is spoiling our precious time.

  528. munnalalchauhan says:

    please mydesire is compleat

  529. bimal kalita says:

    hi frnds, I thing should be protest in front of the GU than something will be heppen.

  530. bimal kalita says:

    hello rb, any informetion from court,if u get any informetion than pls inform me.

  531. binod says:

    how would i able to get download of the ne slet 2012 mathematics question paper?

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